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page creation[edit | edit source]

  • To help prevent spamming, Log-in is required to create or edit pages on this site.
  • Watch This Short Tutorial on creating pages.
  • Always remember to SAVE the page before leaving it.
  • Most Form Fields are NOT MANDATORY so you can leave some information blank and come back later to edit the page. (don't try to get it perfect on the first try, you can posh it up after you've entered the main content and we have editors who will help with formatting as well)
  • After selecting a Form here, enter the Page Name in the open field. i.e. Your Name if it's a Page for you as an auditor, Group Name if it's a page for your Group, Article Name if it's an Article you are writing etc..
  • Instructions for adding videos, additional pictures and other editing information can be found in the Help section of this site. (sidebar of every page)
  • the "Upload Image" field is for the picture that goes in the Infobox on the right side of your page. It will automatically be turned into a small (130px) image in the infobox. (you can also place it, or any other image on the main part of the page. (see HELP>FAQ's)
  • Get the geographical coordinates for mapping your practice or group here.
  • See "Disclaimers" and "Privacy policy". (bottom of any page on the site)
  • Use the Discussion page here or in the Support area for questions or difficulties.
  • Have fun learning to wiki ♥

Anthology[edit | edit source]

The ANTHOLOGY FORM is part of the L Ron Hubbard biography and is where we collect personal experiences with Ron. These stories become part of the biography where millions can gain a broader insight into the man who created the subject.

  • Please use the "Discussion" tab above or at the Technical Support Page to give feedback for additions to the "Location" and "Period" fields on this Form. i.e. how can the Form be improved?

Articles[edit | edit source]

General Purpose Article Form. Write about any Scientology related topic or share your experiences by creating the page.

Auditors[edit | edit source]

This is the form for Auditors. Create your page with the Auditor's Form

Get the geographical coordinates for mapping your page here.

Calendar[edit | edit source]

Create an event that will show up automatically on the global Calendar using this FORM.

Get the geographical coordinates for mapping your event here.

Church of Scientology Organizations[edit | edit source]

This form is for Church of Scientology Organizations.

Create new pages for this category by first putting the name in the empty field then selecting "Create CoS Org Page".

Glossary[edit | edit source]

To add words, abbreviations or acronyms to the Glossary - use this form: (standard definitions only please)

(list of all the terms already in the Glossary - Current List)

Groups[edit | edit source]

Promote your practice and create a page for your auditing and/or training practice with this easy to fill-out Form.

Images[edit | edit source]

  • Upload LRH, MSH and/or family images and fill in as much detail about when - where etc. it was taken.

Library[edit | edit source]

  • Coming soon

Personal Profiles[edit | edit source]

Use this form to create a page for yourself. (or anyone else)

Professional Associations[edit | edit source]

If you represent a Professional Association of Scientology Practitioners, Network, Club or Social Reform Group - then use this FORM

Success Stories[edit | edit source]

NOTE: When you post a success story it is automatically listed on the auditor's page. (add "{{Success Story Code}}" (without quotation marks) to your page if it isn't already there)

Use this Form to publish and share your Success Story. It's easy and FAST!

  • note: if after entering a page name and selecting "create page" you are taken to an existing page, this simply means there is already a page with the name you entered. Simply return here and modify your page name so it will be unique. Then use "create page" again an you'll be taken to a blank form to start creating your new page.

discussion[edit | edit source]

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