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"Classification and Gradation", and "The Clearing Congress" videos are now available at! (see below)

Inside Scientology[edit | edit source]

Best overview of the subject of Scientology - Recommended for new people but long-time Scientologists enjoy it as well.

rare footage of LRH in S. Africa - 1960[edit | edit source]

Clearing Congress 1958[edit | edit source]

The Clearing Congress Lectures, which were given in the Shoreham Hotel in Washington DC from the 4th to 6th July 1958, were something of a landmark in the history of Scientology in that they were the first time that Ron's lectures were filmed. As was the practice in the 50s congresses given in one "Scientology capital" (London and Washington DC only at that time) were repeated shortly after in the other one. When this was repeated in London it was a bit of a sensation. Afterwards the films were shown for free in the London org every Sunday as an introductory lecture and for some time Bevan Preece supervised these.

Volume 3 of the first edition of the Technical Bulletins of Dianetics and Scientology (the "Red Volumes") states the following about this conference, quoting from Ability 79:
"CLEARING CONGRESS LECTURES / Washington, D.C./ 4-6 July 1958
"It began with a presentation by L.Ron Hubbard of 15 clear bracelets to some of the Clears attending. From this beginning he went on to cover, in nine fact-packed hours of lecture, the entire subject of Scientology and Clearing. Six of the lectures are available in color film. All of the data needful for a complete understanding of the subject was outlined and the data necessary to production of Clears was given in full."
In the 1991 edition of The Red Volumes the following from Ability 79 is added:
"This is the first congress ever filmed. Shot by professional cameramen in 16 millimeter sound color, the first six hours comprise a living record of the historic event. This film will be shown through the field, containing as it does, a complete and simple presentation of the subject for the general public as well as the professional Scientologist - a spanning of interest and presentation of unusual accomplishment in itself."
This was before the present series of Clears which started in 1967 with John McMaster.

The Fact of Clearing[edit | edit source]

The Facts of Clearing[edit | edit source]

The Freedoms of Clear[edit | edit source]

The Prerequisites to Auditing[edit | edit source]

The Clear Procedure CCH0 Help[edit | edit source]

The Clear Procedure Creativeness[edit | edit source]

classification and gradation[edit | edit source]

RJ 28 - San Diego[edit | edit source]

Howard Dickman had a copy of the original cassette and recently put together this video presentation exclusively for Scientolipedia. (for more details about the San Diego org and Howard's experiences with Scientology clik on the link to his name)