Advanced Scientology Group

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Advanced Scientology Group
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Primary Contact
Training Offered
Auditing Offered
Case Supervision
Country DE
City Cyprus
Geo 34° 58' 56.29" N, 33° 8' 42.46" E

"We (Klaus and Maria Weigel) supply the complete Bridge from introductory courses and auditing up to SOLO NOTS.

Our purpose is to apply the original technology of L. Ron Hubbard in order to help people to have more self-confidence and power so that they can fight any kind of suppression.

We left the Scientology church in 2010 and founded our own independent trainings center in Germany,

Klaus came into contact with the Scientology Church in 1986. In 1987 and 1988 he did his auditor training in Flag up to Class IV. He continued his training up to Class V Graduate and C/S in Hamburg and LA. Until the year of 2000 he had delivered approx. 35,000 auditing hours in the Orgs Frankfurt and Hamburg.

When the technical processes were perverted by the implementation of GAT Klaus left the church as staff. Maria Weigel got to know Scientology in 1996 and worked from 2006 to 2008 as course supervisor and auditor in the Odessa Mission Ukraine.

From 2017 to 2022 we lived in Odessa (Ukraine) and delivered our Scientology services there.

In October 2022 we moved to Cyprus.

Cyprus is a beautiful island in the Mediterranean. An ideal location for doing auditing or training and enjoy some vacation at the seaside at the same time."

ARC Klaus Weigel