6th. London ACC

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6th. London ACC
Author Antony A Phillips
Type of Article Category:History of Scientology
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ACC stands for Advanced Clinical Course and ACCs were six week courses which Ron Hubbard held during the 50s to improve trained auditors, and do "research". The Sixth London ACC was held from the 4th May to 13th June 1959 in the same hall (7 Fitzroy Street, London) as the 5th London ACC

I was on the last five weeks of it, free, as a staff member, to make an even number (for co-auditing purposes) as some one had come a week late demanding to go on.

Similarly to the 5th. London ACC the emphasis was on past lives, but in a far more gentle manner. One of the three instructors (Jan and Dick Halpern, Nibs Hubbard) assessed each student for a terminal (person, identity). They were then run on a clever form of overt/withhold processing which encouraged guessing. (If you guess long enough in an area, if your havingnes is kept up and you have mental charge in that area, that mental charge or aberration is liable to come into your awareness.) The commands were:
"What might you have done to [assessed terminal]?"
"What might you have withheld from [assessed terminal]?"

I was run on five or six terminals and some interesting stories developed.. The result was a textbook development of some story (similar to engram running – new things showing up progressively as the questions are answered, mysteries and peculiar things coming up and being explained as you run further).

With one terminal the story was that I was some sort of outlaw figure living in English woods with a woman. In another I was alone in a space ship which blew up (I did not know why, and it was perhaps thirty years later in auditing when the reason came to light, after the incident had appeared a few times as a bit of a mystery occasionally in my auditing). The most bizarre (or interesting) was one that occurred some part of England distant from London. I was the Lord of the Manor with a wife and two or three children, quite comfortably off, and I had another wife at the other end of the village, with one child. This apparently was accepted by the population, but the two woman made my life uncomfortable with their jealousy, and apparently I solved the problem that gave me by deciding that it was my duty to go and fight the "heathens" in the Holy Land. Although I was audited on these many years ago, I still think these past life incidents (and the one mentioned in the article on 5th London ACC ) did happen to me though I normally don't think of them.

The manner by which I came on the course is possibly of passing interest. I had been asked by Joan de Veulle to take over her job of Extension Course Director (monitoring a correspondence course in basic Scientology books) which I agreed to (I was, I think, at that time a staff auditor). This I did for the first week of the ACC. However a well known Scientologist from Greece, Demitri Chronis, arrived on the first day of the second week demanding to come on the Course. Nibs Hubbard was apparently the Course Administrator and I got called into a room where Nibs and Demitri were. Demitri, by the way, had got a big reputation on the 5th London ACC for dramatising very loudly when running engrams by Scientology. Nibs introduced me to Demitri (who I did not twin with) and told Dimitri that I was a poorly paid staff member who would not get paid those weeks, and Nibs got Demitri to agree to pay me £3 a week to cover some of my expenses, which Demitri faithful did. We were free in the evenings, so I did the Extension Course work in the evenings. Thus I got for free nearly a whole ACC.