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Success Story
Auditor Advanced Organization of the Great Plains
Name CT
Auditing Success Auditing - Special Rundown
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definition[edit | edit source]

LX LISTS, there are now three “LX” lists : LX3=attitudes, LX2=emotions, LX1=conditions. Originally they were called “X” because they were experimental. These serve to isolate reasons a being is charged up to such an extent that he is out of valence. When a person is out of valence he does not easily as-is his bank. (HCOB 2 Aug 69, LX Lists)

My Success Story LX-1[edit | edit source]

I recently completed LX 1 and I wanted to share my wins. At the end of my most recent auditing session, I felt entirely keyed out to the point that I had a huge smile on my face in response to my cognition. Actually, it was more like cognitions. Most of my statements went something like, “Oh my gosh.....,” “Oh, and that means, Oh my gosh, that means.....,” “and if that’s true, then that means......well, what do you know about that?” “Wow.” I continued cogniting for a day or so.

The funny thing was that the first cognition came to me at lunch before going to my last session. I mentioned that I felt more like myself than I had in YEARS, literally years. I felt more on purpose and in control of my life than I had in years. This was actually right before going in session. the time I didn’t even attribute it to the auditing. It was just an observation on my part that I expressed to my 2D.

When I was shown the EP in Qual, I actually laughed out loud. I was amazed that the end phenomenon was EXACTLY what I had been experiencing. If someone had told me a few years ago that she had experienced the lift of a “fog, funk, or basic feeling of blah,” had felt more herself than she had in years, had more energy, certainty, etc, and then discovered that the processing she was going through was precisely for that purpose, I would have been skeptical at least. I was, and still am, amazed. I have had wins before, but I don’t think any of them have “slapped me in the face” like this one. If I had doubts before about the power of auditing, I no longer do.

Just before, and certainly since, I have been able to handle some ongoing personal problems. I have been able to address issues that would have made me uncomfortable with complete confidence and comfortableness. I was able to effortlessly keep my TR’s in and have felt fantastic since.

This next part might seem a bit selfish. In the past when I’ve been asked if I wanted others to experience such wins, I’ve always said yes. I did this partly because I thought, “Well sure, I’d be a jerk not to want others to do well.” Now, I see it as not just helpful for them, but helpful for everyone. I feel that my thoughts, opinions, decisions, and communication is based entirely on MY determinism and not because I think I’m “supposed to” or because of mental white noise of my case getting in the way. If everyone was as in PT as I am currently, and as aware as I am currently, and perceiving rather than reacting, wouldn’t the world be a wonderful place? That’s why I want others to have the same wins.

My thanks to my wonderful auditor, Jonathan, my patient C/S Pat, and Mr.Hubbard. To Mr. Hubbard, this time I really get it.


See Advanced Organization of the Great Plains for more information