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A Scientology Family-Charese
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Author Charese Mongiello
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My name is Charese Mongiello. I am currently a Script Supervisor for movies. This means I basically make sure that the product is correct and able to be edited, as well as write the notes to the editor so the movie can be finished. I have acted in 6 feature films and starred in one of them. I have directed 7 plays, 1 feature film, and now I am producing my 3rd feature film as a producer. Most of this can be looked up on my IMDB.com page, just search Charese Mongiello.

I am a past life Scientology Exec. Bob and Joan Mongiello are my parents. They, at the time I was born, had built one of the largest mission in the world. My dad started with 3 staff and brought it to 187 staff with 1,800 people on lines. It took him 7 years to do this. View video. This life mainly I read books, listened to tapes daily, and studied policy’s. My mother gave all of us courses in TR’s.

In the eighties our family was attacked by the Church many times. My mother used LRH policy’s to stop the attacks (this is the main reason I am not afraid of the church). I think that we were attacked mainly because my Dad was such a great business man some had felt it necessary to come after my family. As this was the surest way to bury this great technology. My dad with my mom taught their eight children about running a business using LRH business technology. This technology on business far surpasses any thing I have ever read on running a business, and is a main reason why my family is very successful in a majority of our endeavors. But mostly, like my dad, we enjoy helping others grow their business.

I was instrumental in helping my parents get back on the bridge and getting auditing. At different times members of our family thought we were never going to get auditing again this life. I found out about the Freezone I read about it and Ron’s Org on the internet. I was excited and cautious but still started looking for auditors to audit my family and myself. This was a scary time because I knew once I made this decision to receive this auditing, I could never go back to the Church. But as things were with the Church, they were not letting us back, nor could they formally removing us. Limbo is not fun.

I got into session right away and had complications because of my past life case. I went to two auditors who were auditing above their auditing skill. Although I admire them for their years of service to mankind, I was not too happy about how they had handled my case.

I decided to take a break.

My dad soon found an auditor. I was out in Guatemala reading “The Phoenix Lectures” by LRH. My dad called and said “Charese I found you the best auditor in the world.” I said “Dad I will be the judge of that.” When I met her, her Communication was so incredible, I was happy. I got into session with her immediately upon my return.

Since then, I finished a repair on my grades, OT I and II, and now just recently III and L12. I am currently on NOT’s. My father, Bob is a business owner and has finished OT III and NOT’s. My mom is a business owner and has finished OT III, and is working through NOT’s. My brother, Anthony, is a successful photographer and is doing OT III. My sister Candace is a mother of one, does sales at my mom’s company, is a Mini Course Sup and Method One Co Audit as well as OT III. My sister, Stephanie, is a mother of four and financial officer at my mother’s company and is OT I. My brother in law, Henry, is a Mini Course Sup and Method One Co audit as well as an OT I. My brother, David, works as a robotics engineer and is OT I.

Although we were all kicked out of the Church and attacked heavily, we managed to survive and stick together through disconnection and reconnection! I believe that it is the strong group that we have as a family that has pulled us through. I also believe that people should find good Scientologists, with honor and integrity, to help them on their journey up the bridge.

When we were kicked out the first time. We had complained: “Mom , Dad we want Scientology now we can’t have it” My parents laughed at us and said: “ You guys have Scientology, it is in the books and tapes, it is all there, nobody can take that away or give it to you. You have to give it to yourself.”

From reading all on my own I have reached an understanding that can never be taken away. And if I dare say, if I had grown up in the Church I may not have had such a full grasp of the Tech. Actually, I know now that I would not have, because most of the people I have met from the Church do not read or listen to Scientology. Sadly they accept what they are told about it.

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For everyone reading this I wish you the courage to find for yourself this wonderful thing called Scientology. Because it is right there in the books, and the tapes, and the training ,and I hope that no matter what you never give up on the most important person….. yourself. Love,

Charese Mongiello

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