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Advantages of Scientolipedia
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Topic Advantages of Scientolipedia
Author David LaCroix
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New Blog format for Scientology's most up-to-date and accurate website.

This Image (and three others on this page) are from Wikimedia Commons. (not stored on this site) An example of file sharing and networking amongst wiki's. The possibilities for "connecting up" and sharing our data is exciting - the same way the Wikipedia community is doing.

Here's a list of the advantages of the Scientolipedia website.

platform[edit | edit source]

The "platform" the website uses is a very powerful and versatile piece of software engineering. Today it is supported and constantly being upgraded by some of the top technology professionals in the world, a large percentage of which do so on a volunteer basis. Since it's the same software Wikipedia uses, thousands of people love contributing to the global knowledge base of information that Wikipedia makes available to many millions of people around the world for free. Many of those same people have a high purpose to make sure the software technology behind the scenes, stays up-to-date and maintained.

We can benefit from this technology for our own 'community'. Here's some of the reasons why we should do so.

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unlimited contributors[edit | edit source]

1. The biggest advantage of the Wiki platform is that it allows for any number of people to contribute content to it. Do not make the mistake of thinking other sites like blogs and forums do the same thing because they allow visitors or logged-in users to comment and discuss things there. When I say "content" I am talking about articles, new posts, new pages on the site. I am talking about the ability to add or edit actual article pages without having to submit them to the site owner for approval and posting.

That simple idea rocketed Wikipedia to one of the top 5 highest ranked and trafficked websites on the entire Internet.

It's extremely powerful to allow many many people to create the content for a website. has that advantage.

Discussion/Forum[edit | edit source]

2. Scientolipedia has a "Discussion" capability which makes it far superior to blog type, or traditional websites.

Every page on the site and any new page created, automatically generates a secondary attached page to it. Users can toggle between these two pages from the tabs at the top.

The "Discussion" feature at Scientolipedia has been customized to allow for unlimited new topics to be created and responded to. The "threading" of the discussions acts like Forum software. Since new threads are listed out and easy for anyone to see, it is far easier to follow conversations and see the responses than say Facebook or blogs or even other dedicated Forums.

The other unique thing about this Discussion feature is that the software automatically notifies you if anyone responds to your posts. (will send an email if "Preferences" are set for that or simply post a notice at the top of the page much like Facebook shows a red box notice when there are responses to a thread you are following)

Any Page on the site or Discussion can be "Watched" so you get a notification of any changes. This makes it easy to follow a wide variety of pages and Discussions without having to waste time searching for pages or Discussions you want to keep an eye on.

The way Scientolipedia allows for Two-way communication on topics is far superior to any other platform and you should learn and start taking advantage of this powerful communication tool.

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semantic wiki[edit | edit source]

3. The third advantage has over other websites is it is a "Semantic Wiki".

Stay with me now, in just a few seconds the fogginess you might be experiencing will clear up.

So why is it called a "Semantic" wiki? First off, it's what the guys who run the Internet came up with to describe the next generation of the World Wide Web. In fact, the guy who invented the WWW, Tim Berners-Lee, is one of those behind the idea. See his video (after reading the rest of this - it's been up on the website since day one)

The usual understanding of the word "semantics" has to do with - "The branch of linguistics and logic concerned with meaning" But what does that have to do with websites?

Remember way back when the Internet was new, like 15-20 years ago, web pages were flat documents. The data on pages was only accessible by going to the page the data was on. That was the only way the data had any "meaning" to anyone - they had to go to the actual webpage.

The next evolution in the Internet (Web 2.0) dealt with adding more sizzle to pages like video, maps and much more ease of use.

The "Semantic Web" (Web 3.0 - the phase we are still in)) began to deliver ways of re-using information in multiple or unlimited ways. Today, GPS ties into web services and will deliver the distance and directions to the nearest Starbucks to you while you are driving down the Freeway at 70 MPH. It's pulling the DATA that sits on a website and giving that data more MEANING to you, in real-time.

That's a "Semantic" capability.

Many websites are now capturing data and then re-packaging or re-using that information.

One example at is the Pop-up Glossary. Each definition in the glossary is a separate page, but when you read any other page on the site where a word in the glossary is used, the definition is pulled from the source page and "pops-up" for you - bringing more "meaning" to the page you are reading.

We're using the technology in the Maps, Browse Site, and some of the listing mechanisms already visible on the site. Other very cool presentations of information will be rolled out soon.

Using the extremely versatile and powerful Semantic extension to the Wiki platform gives a big advantage over other websites.

all-in-one[edit | edit source]

The fourth advantage is this software, the wiki, can do everything any other type of website can do i.e. forum, blog, traditional website, search engine, social networking - PLUS - allow for an unlimited number of contributors to create and edit pages independent of the site owner or management.

It can be customized to LOOK like any other website as well. Although scientolipedia is admittedly lacking in the design department, something which will be rectified in the near future, it nonetheless has the capability to be given a unique design and "look".

All the navigation and layout elements are completely customizable as well.

The Semantic wiki delivers the most powerful set of features and capabilities available today. The only way one could match the power of this software would be to invest many millions of dollars into building a custom software application. But not only is that unnecessary, it would be a stupid waste of money since the mediawiki (actual name of the software) community is so vast and robust it would make no sense to try to replicate it even if one had the finances.

rankings[edit | edit source]

The "proof of concept" for any website is search engine rankings.

When people go to a website directly, from a link or click on a search engine link, they are in actually voting for that site. Every act on the Internet is tracked with metrics that tell the search engine companies who is voting for what. This results in rankings and more importantly, placement on pages.

Scientolipedia's wiki platform is ideally suited to achieve very high rankings just as Wikipedia has done. The primary driver of this is Advantage # 1 above.

Scientolipedia achieving high rankings is the entire purpose of the site. i.e. "To broadly disseminate the wins and positive aspects of the subject of Scientology using state-of-the-art Internet technology."

support[edit | edit source]

The success of as a community based dynamic platform to showcase the positive aspects of the subject of Scientology, Scientologists, LRH and the Tech is only succeeding to the degree you and many others are contributing to it by creating pages here and USING IT.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed content thus far.

We invite you to join the fun of learning how to wiki!

David LaCroix
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