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Success Story
Auditor Aida Thomas
Name G.P.
Auditing Success Clear
Website Thomas

My PC attested to Clear last week and I would like to share his success story. First of all, this PC was in the SO for many years in Italy and Los Angeles and he had a lot of ethics mishandlings that ended in a lot of invalidation to him as a thetan. I did revitalized his purposes and we did a program that cleaned everything and got him set for the Bridge. Here it is:

"It's so amazing! I woke up today, totally in present time and everything went smooth at work, at home, with everything. I can confront and I am not scared of it because I know that I am a thetan and I am in charge and the pictures in the mind will not affect me ever again, the MEST connected with it have been erased! A thetan 'knows', it doesn't need to 'consult' or look into facsimiles in the mind to decide what to do. I am now a thetan operating at 'full speed', in PT and aware of my potential! 4.0 and aware to have achieved the State of Clear!!! Thank you Aida, you are an amazing auditor and thank to LRH!" G.P.

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