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Dear friends,

I want to share this win, perhaps I will learn soon how to post it directly on the website, thanks David LaCroix for making this FB group a safe place from where we could communicate.

Aida Thomas

This win was written on 12/16/12

Where do I begin?

Well, I am writing this success story today after my latest trip to LA for auditing with Aida Thomas.

I felt as I though I hit 'rock bottom' and it felt like I couldn't breath anymore. I had some amazing sessions, I am handling myself like I never handled myself before, for the first time I can take care of myself successfully!

I am happy that I can stand on my own and be my own person. It exhilarates me and makes me excited about my future.

And I want to continue to move forward om a personal level! It almost feels like something so new that I never experienced before.

It makes me want to really live and makes me feel like I can honestly conquer ANYTHING! I have a very thick skin and have a heart of gold and so much knowledge to share.

I can hold my place in this Universe.

Thanks Aida! (: