An Argument for no Money

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An Argument for no Money
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Topic Becoming OT
Author Charese Mongiello
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The other day I got off the phone with a guy I had convinced to listen to a tape a day. His communication had completely changed. It was more direct and to the point, rather then running on and on and seeming to be about nothing. He also had more prospects of income and some of the court cases that had been brought against him had been dismissed. But the best part was that he felt more at cause and he was winning in life!

This was a big change because when I first spoke with him he said he had no money for auditing and would every once in a while go in for a session but could not buy an intensive to start moving on his grades. " If you don't have the money then listen to a tape a day" I said.

Just two days ago I had run into another person who had recently attested to clear. He said that after he left the church he joined many groups and saw there was a lot of people in the field that were not following the basic rules of Scientology and making up their own processes. So he decided to listen to tapes. He then found one of the best auditors around and now he is clear.

Charese Mongiello

When my parents first left the church I was upset at the thought that I would never get Scientology. But my parents explained to me at the age of 15 that Scientology was all in the books and tapes. They also explained that all the courses were developed from those materials.

So I started on my journey to total freedom. And with the knowledge that no one could take Scientology away I developed the certainty that no one could take away Scientology from me. I know now I would have never gotten this if I was raised in the church. I believe that this is a big part of becoming OT this certainty and responsibility for ones own case. I am very glad that I reached the state of OT IV with and by my own determinism.

But it was the idea of listening to a tape a day that got me through it all. My thought was that if I spent an hour a day with a tone 40 person (Ron) that this would cancel out the rest of the day that I spent with lower toned beings. I did not know at the time that my wins and cognitions from listening to tapes was releasing charge and setting my case up for more wins and gains in session. I have been told since then that creating OT's is all about getting charge off the case. So by listening to tapes I was bringing myself closer and closer to the state of OT gradually.

My advice to people with out money who want to make it to total freedom is to listen to a tape a day. Even if you do have money listen to a tape a day. If you don't have the money to get the tapes then find a way. When you really want something you will make it happen.

My suggested listenings but of course I recommend all the tape lectures.

  1. Study Tapes
  2. All about Radiation
  3. Philadelphia Doctorate Course
  4. Creation of human ability
  5. State of Man congress
  6. Responsibility and the state of OT
  7. Power of Simplicity
  8. Saint Hill Special Briefing Course
  9. Phoenix Lectures

Really listen to whatever you like but l do recommend the first four first as these really talk about study and OT's. We are now also opening an LRH reading Room Library. For $100 a year you can take out any of the tapes or books one book or lecture series at a time and go through as many materials as you like. The faster you go through them the better. All proceeds will go to starting up a group to teach the courses.

For more details call Bob 951-255-7374

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