An Outline of Dianetics

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An Outline of Dianetics
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This is a small booklet of 20 pages plus the cover. It cost two shillings and sixpence, which was an eighth of a pound (£) and contains five articles. It was issued by "The Dianetic Study Group" with a London address in 1952, and presumably there was not yet any official organisation in Great Britain, and this was part of an early attempt to get Dianetics known.

The articles are:

Introduction by the Hon. Sec. of the Dianetic Study Group

The Original Basis of Dianetics, by Dennis O'Connell

A Summary of the Latest Developments in Dianetic Therapy by Jean Köllerström

A Psycho-Therapist comments on Dianetics by Oscar Köllerström

Some Therapeutic Results of Dianetics by George Hay


The Psychometric Evaluation of Dianetics (the results of Therapy – with Psychometric Data) by Richard Benjamin.

At the back is an information summary, with the names and addresses of two bookshops, two practitioners (Jean Kollerström and Dennis O'Connell), "Dianetic Consultants" and The Dianetic Federation of Great Britain.

Reference[edit | edit source]

PDF available for download at the following link: [1]

Dennis Stephens' extensive account of early Dianetics in London is at [[2]]. It is a rather large file so to find the references for example to Dennis O'Connell, when you're in the file, you can press control F and then enter "O'Connell" (38 references).