Ann Tidman

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Ann Tidman
AnnTidman2 s.jpg
Birth info born 1956
Deceased Yes
Died on 2011
Nationality US
Occupation Scientologist
Org. Affiliation(s) Flag Ship Service Organization
Spouse(s) Pat Broeker
Jim Logan

L Ron Hubbard's closest aide and confidante during the final few years of his life.

Tidman, left, with Hubbard (right), detail from a 1974 jazz album cover, "The Power of Source" by The Apollo Stars

Steve "Sarge" Pfauth[edit | edit source]

This is very difficult for me to write as I have tears in my eyes. I got to know Annie very well from 1983 til 1986 when LRH left. I Loved Annie. Its sad that she wasn’t allowed to leave the Church and live her own life. Pat (Broeker) used to be gone from Creston a lot in 84 and 85 and Annie and I and Gene Denk were there with LRH.. Annie was very loyal to LRH and she never had a day off and worked long hours every day for years caring for LRH. Annie and I would talk and she told me that she hated the security situation and couldn;’t wait til all the legal matters were over and we could be free to return to Int. She said she wanted to be tech trained and become an auditor. Those who knew Annie know what a gentle warm woman she was. She found a little bird one day that fell out of a nest and nurtured it for a week and she cried when it finally died. She loved animals. Annie had a temper but rarely lost it. She layed into me a few times but believe me, I deserved it. Annie you were and are Loved and will be missed.

Much Love, Sarge

Annie Tidman, on the right, dressed up as a bridesmaid for a 1974 double wedding aboard the Apollo. One of the grooms was Pat Broeker, her future husband.

Karen de la Carriere[edit | edit source]

I have tender memories of Annie ~~ the first messenger I audited on the Apollo ~~ I was struck by what a gentle soul she was, so kind, so warm and so darned likeable. Annie grew up in the Sea Org and knew no other life as a 2nd generation Scientologist. Her loyalty and dedication was fierce. She like very few others witnessed and experienced from the inside how mad it had all become. She could compare the THEN and NOW. The LRH way vs Miscavige brutalities.There is an ability of the body to fight cancer. A resilient spirit all set out to fight it will send cancer into remission but not so when one has a broken heart.Annie, you were one of the finest. You touched the heart of everyone you encountered. Fly high with the Angels.

Mike Rinder[edit | edit source]

Ann as Messenger for LRH

I first met Annie in 1973 when she was already a favorite Commodore’s Messenger on the Apollo. She epitomized a true friend of LRH. It was no fluke that she was the one who was in the right place at the right time and went off with LRH to become the person he relied on as his aide, confidante and friend in the twilight of his life. Annie was kind, smart and concerned for the well-being of others. Power and status was meaningless to her. What was important was her dedication to LRH and his legacy. If you searched the world to find someone who represented most closely the qualities he stood for – you would be hard pressed to find someone who filled the bill better than Annie. In the long history of Scientology that is still to be writ, Annie will remain large and will never be forgotten, destined to be remembered as one of LRH’s truest friends.

L Ron Hubbard[edit | edit source]

Our suff’ring is self-centered here, for we have lost, in truth,

the smile, the touch, the skill and happiness we gained from Annie

who gave to us from her past ability to live

and fare against the tides and storms of fate.

It’s true we’ve lost Annie’s shoulder up against the wheel

and lost as well her counsel and her strength

But lost them only for a while.

Goodbye, Annie.

Your people thank you for having lived

earth is better for your having lived

Men, women and children are alive today because you lived.

We thank you for coming to us.

We do not contest your right to go away.

Your debts are paid.

This chapter of thy life is shut.

Go now, dear Annie,

and live once more in happier time and place.

Thank you, Annie.

All now here lift up Your eyes

and say to Annie


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