Arrows in the Dark

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Arrows in the Dark
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Author Merrell Vannier
Type of Article Category:History of Scientology
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"A True Story of Espionage and Intrigue From the Church of Scientology's No 1 Spy"

Learn the Inside Story About the Fall of Scientology's Intelligence Network Told by its Former No. 1 Spy and member of its notorious Guardian's Office. Taken over by current Scientology leader, David Miscavige, was his motive to save Scientology from an out-of-control intelligence network? Or was it something more sinister? Stunning controversy that flips the narrative on the subject of Scientology.

“A good yarn. I’m extremely impressed with the research and the author’s ability to dig up facts; fascinating. “ C.K.

“I loved the book, a real page turner.” M.C.

“Great writing, a page turner; an important book.” M.S.

“I find the topics and issues compelling. I really had not thoughts about Scientology prior to reading the book other than that Tom Cruise was a member.” R.G.

“One of the few books I’ve sat down to read and couldn’t wait to get back to it. I really enjoyed it! It’s outstanding.” D.G.

“I was hooked from the gitgo. A full-on page turner. I read it in only two days because I couldn’t put it down. Great story. Beautiful writing.” J.L.

“I was thunderstruck, in a good way. The back cover says exactly what I got out of the book: it flips the narrative on Scientology. Congratulations to the author. Quite a feat.” D.S.

“The book is very revealing and a good read. The dialogue was great.” G.M.

“A page turner. This is very, very good. Lots of intrigue.” V.A.



1. Why did a "church" create a highly successful and professional intelligence gathering apparatus to obtain information about government agencies and individuals attempting to infiltrate and undermine it?

2. Why did government agencies operate infiltration and sabotage operations against a church while claiming to NOT be engaged in such activities?


Merrell Vannier's "Arrows in the Dark" goes a long way in answering the first question and is likely to leave the reader interested in further research to discover the answer to the second.

This website will document updates as this continuing-to-unfold-story are revealed!


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