Basic Staff Training, OEC 0

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Basic Staff Training, OEC 0
Topic Organization Executive Course 0
Author Max Hauri, CO Ron's Org Grenchen
Type of Article Category:Training

Basic Staff Training, OEC 0

In view of the successes of our last International Trainingscamp in Russia for Division 6, and some requests to be more trained in the Admin technology, I have decided to start a new project: A project to create high-toned and responsible executives. It is time for it!

At the end of October 2019, during our International Training Camp with the Russian, we will deliver the Organization Executive Course – OEC 0 – the Basic Staff Volume. Not only your course supervisor (Henrietta) is trained on it, but she has used it for decades with raving successes.

If we look at the network, we have ethics in. The tech is in. Therefore, we must follow up with the Admin technology!

The Admin tech is THE tech to de-aberrate the third dynamic. It has very little to do with papers, staplers, files and pens. It has everything to do with being able to create teams and groups that will be able to work together without having the reactive mind continuously in their way.

It is a working technology, no doubt about it. Not because I say so, but because LRH has proven it with the expansion of the orgs and missions while he was around, and also because people who have been using it have proven it was a working technology.

Unfortunately, I suspect that a very suppressive worldwide campaign – lasting for decades – was going on to prevent Admin to be established. Why? Because it would have shown right away the out-ethics and out-tech going on which would have become dangerous for some heads. That's as simple as that.

You might have heard many times that there was no need to know the Admin tech. It was so fully degraded that the ones who were interested by the Admin were almost seen like “second rank beings”.

The Admin tech has its very precise technology, in the same way that we have a very precise technology to handle ARCXs. If you don't know how to handle an ARCX, would you just go in session without getting acquainted with the correct handling? The same with the Admin tech except that your pc is your org!

To create groups and working installations, you will need the Admin tech. The first step is the volume 0. It deals with all there is to learn about an organization as an overall view.

You will learn plenty enough to start a booming area, without having to suffer the slumps due to affluence or the flat statistics that won't take off, because you will understand and know. You will discover how to create a program, to follow it up to EP, what to do first, where to look for the fault, where to validate, how to treat your staff so they will stay long, happy and efficient. How to handle your daily job, how to efficiently help and train the staffs, what and where could be the pitfalls and so much more.

Once you will have OEC 0 under your belt, you will know what to do or not do and you will become certain and will dare to do a move without having sleepless nights.

OEC 0 is the kind of course anybody doing a management school would dream of! Because it is the type of data that are not available on the market! It is data that are shared only by a few who have discovered some tiny part of a very few principles but not even in full.

I encourage you to study the OEC 0 to get the invaluable data that you need to expand and make things go right! It is one of your steps to operating thetan!

You are worth it! Your org is worth it! Your country is definitely worth it!

Prerequisites: Student Hat

Investment: Fr. 2000.-

Duration of the course: 2 weeks.

Place: International Training Camp in Turkey, close to Antalya

When: Autumn camp: 25 Oct – 9 Nov 2019 (Study days 26 Oct-8 Nov)

When: Spring camp: 3 – 18 April 2020 (Study days 4-17 Aprl)

When: Autumn camp: 23 Oct – 7 Nov 2020 (Study days 24-6 Oct)

Price for room and board: around Euro 400-600 (all inclusive)

Add info: we are on the beach. You have the possibility to go daily into the sea.

Available languages: English, German, Russian, probably Spanish

Recommendation: Start on the 25 Oct 2019