Bevan Preece - Interview about Independent Movement from 1982

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Bevan Preece - Interview about Independent Movement from 1982
Author Antony A Phillips
Type of Article Category:Scientology - 1980's

The early 80s was a period of the large breakaway from the "Church of Scientology". This Interview gives a picture of it in Australia, and England.

In September 1984 I visited East Grinstead, England for the purpose of getting some one from the Independent Scientology Group there to ascertain if I was complete on the Scientology level audited NOTs. I took the opportunity of interviewing in East Grinstead an old friend from my London days, Bevan Preece.

In the early 80s we sometimes described those who had left the Church as "splinters". Bevan talks here of the splinter movement and how they preferred to call themselves independents.

The interview is 2 hours long and in some places the quality is a bit poor, but it certainly gives an idea of the pioneer spirit of the times.

When listening to it, it is perhaps wise to remember that there was no Internet, no CDs and international telephone calls were expensive and there was no direct dialing. In that connection, I had to edit a bit out of the tape, and not having editing facilities I have recorded over the bit to be removed (one hour and six minutes into the tape).

The interview gives a good view of how things were at East Grinstead and in Australia at the very beginning of what was a great exodus from Scientology, how it was organised, something of the spirit of the times, with some ideas on organisation of what is now often called the free zone. It makes mention of Captain Bill Robertson's part, and the background to the videos of Captain Bill at East Grinstead (at [[1]] ).

references[edit | edit source]

There is mention of Jon Atack (just after the one hour point), who we (in Denmark) knew as the founder and early editor of the Magazine Reconnection which was the first free zone magazine we received in Denmark. See which unfortunately does not give the layout of the magazine. (Picture needed)

Mention of Captain Bill at 28 minutes in, and 39 minutes

Candacraig, mentioned at 49 minutes in was a Manor House in Scotland, which was a delivery centre run by Robin Scott. (You can google Candacraig)

You are invited to add data, including time into tape where references occur.
Under discussion (top of page, left) there is a message I would like passed on to Bevan.