Beyond Relief Release: Edugui's Grade 2 Success Story

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Success Story
Auditor Víctor Hugo Arthur
Name Edugui
Auditing Success Grade 2

As a result of completing Grade 2, I have gained freedom from the chains of hostile acts from life. I have no more desire to get back at anyone and I will not be making someone wanting to get back at me.

Relief has replaced nervousness and stress. I have also gained a new level of empathy for others, I can now experience feelings more deeply and better. A new sense of sweetnees and peace has appeared, life smiles.

I have a new clarity that allows me to get cognitions on things I couldn't see clearly before. I'be been having cognitions constantly. I am amazed at the constant experience of clarity.

There is a realization that other people don't have the level of awareness I have, so when I share my understandings with them, they don't fully duplicate, they rather feel I am preaching some sort of motivational speech, instead of knowing that I am talking literally.

I feel much less need to justify myself and my acts, guilt is almost nonexistent now as well.

There is still the reactive mind and its entities. But I feel finer with it: life is more possible than ever before.