Candy Swanson

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Candy Swanson
Candy Swanson.jpg
Candy Swanson
Training Level Class VIII
Case Level Original OT-7
Case Supervision Class VIII
Country US
State CA
City Southern California (will travel)
Postal Code 90004
Geo 34° 10' 51.02" N, 118° 18' 32.28" W
Social Media
Phone 310-987-9199

Over fifty years delivering mostly the basic technology pre 1973, custom fit to suit the individual's case and needs: Case cracker, Review and Repair at all levels. Specializing in Life Repair, Relationship Repair, Creative Processing, and Integrity Work on all dynamics.

HERSTORY As CANDY CHALEFF, did the SHSBC at Saint Hill England: Class VI Auditor, Clear 1055, original OT 7, Class VIII AOLA; Sea Org 1968 till July 1973 (shanghi'd in Valencia, Spain, on April 1, 1968. After 7 years total working with the Hubbards and rising to the top as Celebrity Auditor for Celebrity Center LA, from early 1970 - late 1972, made my way out of the Sea Organization.) Paid the retroactively imposed Freeloader's debt and then paid for and completed the Expanded Dianetics Course, LA Org, 1973.

INTEGRITY WORK Power changed in 1972 to Integrity Work with LRH's approval. Developed, created, and presented two bulletins as a gift to Ron; published by LRH: CONDITIONS BY DYNAMICS. EXCHANGE BY DYNAMICS. Reference: see Flag Order signed by L Ron Hubbard early 1970 "Candy Swanson".

Poem to Humanity by Candy: "World ending, world beginning... one thing i know for sure, we’re all on this small planet together, traveling thru space and time. Let’s make the most of it, and live each day newly, in a new unit of time, helping each other."

Video-Interview[edit | edit source]

This interview with Candy Swanson was taken on Feb, 19 in San Jose. Candy Swanson - Class VIII LRH C/S-ed and certified Auditor - talks in this video about the Personal Capacity Analysis test.

Part 1[edit | edit source]

Part 2[edit | edit source]

To find more please visit a website: Candy Swanson – Class VIII

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