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""It is my opinion and knowledge that auditors are amongst the upper tenth of the upper twentieth of intelligent human beings. Their will to do, their motives, their ability to grasp and to use are superior to that of any other profession."
PAB 79, 10 April 1956 The Open Channel (Tech Vol 3 p 343)
"Where does Standard Tech begin? What is it? It is the accumulation of those exact processes which make a way between humanoid and OT. The exact method of organizing them, the exact method of delivering them, and the exact repair of any errors made on that route.
So the net result of all of this is that when it is not standard he will have had some gain; it's not all bad, but he'll also have not achieved his full gain. And the difference between some gain and the difference between that and full gain, is the difference between wobbly-bobbly tech and very standard, precise tech."
Class VIII Tape 2, 25 September 1968 "What Standard Tech Does"

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