Carol D's Success on Excalibur

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Success Story
Auditor Ron's Org Grenchen
Name Carole
Auditing Success Excalibur

I had right now the most theta 14 days of my life in the Ron’s Org Bern!

I don’t know any other place more theta on this planet! Heaven!

Constant ARC, fun, help, friendship, no enturbulation at all, no ARC breaks, no evaluation or invalidation, total respect of my self-determinism…

I feel OT as never before!

Full in trust, stable. I know who I am and I am full of trust for my future…

What to say about Excalibur? Unbelievable! I handled more case in a few sessions than within 25 years of NOTs in the Church.

I have a fully understanding of the case! The course is wonderful!

I feel ready to go in solo! And I am totally serene!

In a few sessions I handled old somatics 8-10 years old!

And I am now handling the ruin of my life, of my lifes, and I thought it would be not possible anymore!

Thanks to Yvan, my auditor

Thanks to Erica, my C/S

Thanks to Max, Dirk, Melinda and Vreni.

All these OTs who helped me to go through.

Much Love

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