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Success Story
Auditing Success Auditing - Special Rundown

OK So I have had this win from the money rundown for awhile and I just haven't had the chance to tell it. While I was in session I blew down 5 divisions. I felt like wow that day! But the real win was a couple of weeks later when I realized I was getting more work as an actor and then I was going through the same stuff that always comes up when I am acting. It was terrible again but I just kept acting no matter what and then it hit me I had this postulate that I should not be successful or else I would be hurting Scientology. The idea was laid into me by Mike Howsen and Allen Barton who convinced me that by telling people that I had an injustice with the church I was hurting the church. It was pretty crazy. I didn't want to be successful because I didn't want to hurt the church by being a successful person who had a problem with the church. This cognition cleared up so much for me and now I feel I have a huge weight taken off of me. I am so happy because I had such a failed purpose on Scientology and this fear that I was somehow hurting it. Well that is now removed and I am very excited because my auditor showed me how to do book one auditing and I will be doing that very soon too! I have two PC's and getting a new start on the comm course. Thanks to LRH and my auditor and every Scientologists who has made it their mission to deliver Scientology so that we can still have it here on the planet for all of us to use!