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Success Story

Hi guys I have been out working so haven't had a chance to keep in touch but I would like to share a win I have had on the original OT VII. I actually just did 5, 6 and 7 and I am so happy because before, after completing audited NOT's, I was experiencing glimpses of serenity of beingness. Now I feel this way more and more.

I also feel like I have a tremendous amount of space. I feel very large and comfortable it feels great!

But the most important thing for me was this. When I was younger and first got into Scientology I had read an article in a magazine that was excerpted from the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course tapes. It talked about a man shooting a baby with a gun and that the first instinct was to pick up the gun and shoot him. But Ron said something like the instinct should be to love that man and to help him because he is worse off then the baby. This article had such a strong impact on me. I knew that if I could be that loving of my fellow man I would be OT.

Other things that have impacted me about Scientology was "What is Greatness" where he talks about the greatest secret to man is Love in spite of invitations to do otherwise. Completing these levels have brought me closer to understanding my fellow man and not just tolerating them but actually caring for them. This is what I have always wanted. And knew that this alone would make me very happy.

And the last thing that is so wonderful is my postulates come so fast now it scares me. I used to have to work at it and think about it now I just say this and it comes true. I am super excited about life and I can feel that there are so many great adventures coming my way I can't wait to see the challenges that await me. I can't describe how exciting it feels to be OT! If anyone has any great wins to share please do! I would love to hear them!