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Success Story
Auditor Chris Black
Name Chris Black
Training Success Class 9
Website Black

Hubbard Advanced Courses Specialist - (Class IX – NOTs Auditor)

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Let me begin by saying that this was an amazing journey. From the first idea of doing the course through the decision to do it, then the logistics of figuring out how and when, then getting here (I came clear across country to do this course, from Toronto, riding my motorcycle to get here, so don't let me ever hear anyone say one can't get somewhere to go up the Bridge standardly), doing the course and auditing practical, doing the pinksheets, and finally today, becoming a Class IX auditor.

It's been some time since I last completed a Scientology course. Over 15 years. And as a full Class VIII C/S, Staff Status IV and a 20-year staff veteran, I've done a lot of courses in my day. I've cut my teeth on some tough supervisors and standard course rooms and this was no exception. The Global Freedom Center Academy is a tight, dedicated, and standard, course room. Friendly, but no-nonsense. You know you got it. Scotty, the supervisor, understands what you need as a student and ensures drills and theory are done to full result. The point is, this is a standard course room that adheres to What Is A Course PL. Therefore one truly “makes the grade”.

But the main thing is that I'm now a Class IX Auditor! I've moved up the Bridge even further. And honestly, this is such vital information to life that one really can't do without it. As a Solo NOTs auditor, I can confidently say that this course has not only increased my certainty of the tech and what one handles at this level, but my space and awareness have greatly increased as well.

Long ago, on my Levels, I realized that if I truly studied and really got the data, that I would also attain an ability that I didn't have before. So I realized that at least half one's gains truly do come from training. One loses that “floundering” feeling in life when one trains. This was no different, only magnified and enhanced due to what one is studying: Cause Over Life.

So my space. Well, it's big now. BIG. And quiet! Just me. My awareness – I don't see all the time with my physical eyes, but also I just “perceive”. ME. Perceive. My universe is like walking through the early Axioms and Factors. The concept of 8-8008 is quite real. Not that it wasn't before, but it's much more stable now. Training does that – gives one stability in life. But at this level, it's different – it's magnificent.


Seriously, I'm not the same as before coming here to do this training. It's like no longer even treading water, but standing on the shore now. I'm very glad I made this decision and commitment and handled life to make this happen.

And this will have far-reaching ramifications in all auditing I deliver as well, whether it be Grades or NED or False Purpose Rundown auditing, OT reviews – all of it. One can feel one's certainty as an auditor increase, one's ARC and Understanding of another shift to a higher level. For sure, handling NOTs as a Class IX auditor gives one a different perspective on all the other auditing one does, and this translates into a safer space to go Clear for the preclear, a deeper handling of case, and therefore deeper and more far-reaching cognitions by the preclear or pre-OT.

But above all this, is the fact this was accomplished in the independent field! I mean, what a bloody marvelous win! An Advanced Courses Specialist Auditor made here in the Independent Scientology field. So, taking a cue from my pre-OT, Scientology is as dead as one decides it is; and it is as alive as one decides it is. One makes one's own future. So I declare that Scientology IS alive, here and now. Wherever we are, there's Scientology.

It's a new world. I'm excited to be in it. And there's more yet to come! :)))

ARC, Chris Black, Class VIII C/S (HSST), July 25, 2012 - Class IX Auditor