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Success Story
Auditor Chris Black
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Chris Black is a Class VIII auditor delivering Standard Tech in the Field.

Dan just completed his Clear Certainty Rundown (CCRD) and has attested to the state of CLEAR. This is a beautiful action that validates achievement of the state of Clear and gives sparkle to life. It was a pleasure auditing Dan; we had a lot of fun on the rundown. Dan is now ready to begin the climb to OT. Here is his success story:

"This action exceeded expectations by rehabilitating beautifully my Clear event after many years and life obstacles and by doing quite a bit more.

The Clear Certainty Rundown expanded my Clear viewpoint and increased my commitment to it as well as put me at the doorstep of the steps to the OT levels.

Many thanks to Chris for being there and for the skill to make it happen; many thanks to LRH for doing the impossible and putting the tech together through his effort and success - that we are in awe of.

Very best, Dan"