Coexistence: Predictable result of Integrity Processing By Dynamics

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Success Story
Auditor Víctor Hugo Arthur
Name Edugui
Auditing Success Auditing - Special Rundown

I finished my Integrity Processing By Dynamics.

I realized the role I’ve played in existence -beyond the Time Track- and learned that in the big picture, there are no victims nor victimizers.

While writing this, I feel the need to say that words are not enough to describe what I’ve felt and gained with this processing. Not because the gains are so great, but because these experiences and cognitions can’t easily be relayed on words.

But I’ll do my best.

I gained awareness of some universes that have existed and how the MEST has evolved, it hasn’t always been the same, hasn’t had always the same “laws”, and many beings and thetans didn’t come to MEST since its inception, but they all did at different times.

Learned the MEST has some consciousness and personality to it, and beliefs. Sounds weird? Sure, it does, but we don’t take auditing only to get results about about mundane, day-to-day issues. MEST is alive. Theta is alive, beings are alive, and we all coexist.

I’m also now aware of the existence of senior beings, dynamics, universes, and forms of existence. I’d cut my knowledge of those with actions that were processed in this rundown, but now I’ve regained it.

Regarding the subject of the rundown -Integrity-, I can say I feel more complete, but most of all, connected with all. I’m aware of how I exist as an individual at the same time I coexist with it all. Other beings or consciousness exist, too. Overall result of this rundown could be summed up in one word: coexistence.

(By the way, there are many beings without a body around me. This is not the first time I notice or write this, I’ve done it before. But often when I reach a point of high awareness, I begin to perceive other beings around me. And I don’t mean foolish entities, but alive beings with their own personality and interests. And when I say they are around me, I don’t necessarily mean in the same room as I. Sometimes they are in the same room as I, sometimes somewhere in this planet, sometimes around this planet). Will this rundown affect my everyday life? I don’t know if as a human being, but it has marked me spiritually forever.