D.Jozsef - The sacred grounds

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D.Jozsef - The sacred grounds
Topic Let's keep Scn clean :)
Author D.Jozsef, OT1
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I thought a lot about writing this article. I really do not mean to start any fights with this, but it seems like a very important point that can make or break many people, and through them, many orgs - and eventually Scientology itself. Of course everyone is entitled to disagree, even Ron gave that option to Scientologists, and I am quite far from being Ron. However, please do think about what I am about to say.

I come from a rather insane background. I have a whole track-long fascination with mental and spiritual technology. This lifetime I sampled, and acquired quite extensive knowledge of the areas of psychology, hypnotism, shamanic trance, and various branches of occultism and magick, mostly of the variant associated to the name of Aleister Crowley. Now as a past-life Scientologist, I did have a rather critical view of most of these practices, but with no doubt I did walk their depths. Now the main point about these isn't really the practices themselves, but the people and subcultures around them. They are, as one would expect, full of PTSness, silly competitions of beingness, whole track dramatization, whatever you can imagine.

Upon returning to Scientology, what struck me was the utter, blissful silence, the absence of these idiotic voices around you. You no longer have to prove that your "magical defense" is better than that of your friend, or worry about malevolent spirits, or the imminent end of the world, or whatnotever. The lack of dramatization. Once you are a Scientologist, you can lay down your toy sword, finally log out of the crazy multiplayer role-playing game others are doing, and get down to business. To study and audit. Lesser games become irrelevant and eventually absent.

That is what I mean by "Sacred Ground". Scientology, for me, was a sacred ground of study. Thinking about it, Scientology is not about the war on drugs or the war on poverty or the war on whatever evil of the world we might conjure up. It is about study and healing. The Standard Technology is, in essence, healing technology. It is not "read five books a day" technology or "throw lightning bolts at others" technology, it is the way of healing that can bring one up to the level of reading five books a day or throwing lightning bolts around - with the added bonus of heightened responsibility matching heightened abilities. Thus is is fundamentally distinct from most previous studies it built upon.

Scientology is incredibly powerful, and is in itself enough to fix a person, a group, or an entire civilization, if applied correctly. Correct application can only happen in an environment that is safe and free from distractions. Now I'm not saying we should go into the Himalaya and live as monks. One creates one's own reality. Even the everydays of a busy corporate executive can be a safe and distractionfree environment, if she is applying the basics. However, there ARE things that can break this safe environment.

  • ARC breaks.
  • PTSness.
  • Bypassed charge.

ARC breaks can be devastating, especially when they happen in relation to someone who is, in the eyes of the student, a representative of Scientology. An auditor, executive, E/O, or Ron himself. I doubt that a thetan may EVER ARC break on the basics of Scientology, or if it does happen, it is quite easily fixable with study technology. As Ron stressed in Dianetics, any push in the direction of betterment will ultimately be met with cooperation.

Thus the only thing that can cause really destructive ARC breaks with the field of Scientology are added inapplicables. I cannot be too dramatic about this. They kill and destroy. They caused my rather inglorious end last time around, and that of some other people, some of them far greater Scientologists than me. And what is an "added inapplicable" in this context? Adding something to Scientology that is not part of Standard Tech, and yet insisting on its vital importance, or expecting compliance on that area. As an example, Ron's ultraconservative views on how the 2D should work never consisted a part of Standard Technology. He was not perfect - not a god or an angel -, so sticking it to him is unfair and even suppressive. However, nowadays in the church we have people tying up others and putting them in trashcans in the name of these views, which are in truth completely unrelated to the subject of Standard Technology. Even in the heyday, it ARC broke many good Scientologists.

Similarly, views about what jobs and sources of income are acceptable ethical exchange and which are not, and other invalidations of personal and cultural identity are not part of Standard Technology, and when introduced, will inevitably lead to reduced success and blows through ARC breaks.

If you take something that is NOT Scientology, and label it as Scientology, that WILL result in pure horror. Ron is the only person I can truly forgive for doing this. If you have contributed less than Ron, then please make sure to keep Scientology and your pet ideology and mores separated.

PTSness denies case gain, makes for weird problems, frustrated auditors and blowy PCs. A Scientologist can be PTS from his friends, family, or well, quite often from the suppressive reality created by others at the org. Even highly trained, OT Scientologists are prone to bringing their shit home and sharing it with kids. Know a Scientologist who is always going on and on about how the pharma companies suppress natural remedies, or how the Rothschild clan keeps the world in its grip, or how the New World Order will deny people the freedom of thought?

Unfortunately there are far too many of them. Now do not get me wrong, if that floats your boat, by all means DO play that game, but as a Scientologist and an OT, have a look at it with a clear head and recognize that you are playing a GAME.

"All games are aberrative, some are fun." - LRH

Apparently you find it fun. Others may not.

Scientology is sacred ground. It floats above day-to-day politics and generic homo sapiens craziness. It is the place to learn about how to handle life, not about insane conspiracy theories and end-of-the-world visions. No, "how to spot lizard people" and "seeing signs of the apocalypse" is NOT part of "how to handle life". Urging people to learn faster by insisting that time is running out is countereffective and suppressive.

And if after all this the self-appointed harbinger of doom insists that he is only trying to "make others aware of the truth", "trying to raise the confront level of others", or "providing vital information", you can rest assured that he's as mad as a bat (or is running a survival gear / weapon store / gold brokerage / etc. business, and is in reality doing a clever sales pitch), and would benefit greatly from a vacation at RPF, or in the very least, being taken off lines and put on an FPRD.

The same holds for whole-track dramatization games. In the occultist field I've seen and played several of those. They can be immense fun. They are also extremely aberrative. Scientology and expecting the sky to fall down, or hunting ghost-aliens around town do NOT mix. If you have found a game during a higher OT level, try not to "share" it with others below your level. And think twice (rather, three or four times) before sharing it with others at your level. I'd suggest sharing it with your C/S first, he'll tell you which correction list to run. :)

As for handling existing, real-time suppression from the outside world, we have incredible tech for that in the admin courses. "Making others aware of the truth" is NOT part of them. If you're starting to have doubts, remember the "you cannot defeat a hundred thetans" story. Study a bit more. Talking of the actual "masters of the world", that is, business leaders and high-ranked politicians, well, just grant them beingness as thetans. They are people. The same as you. Most of them are good people, even if misguided. Understand them, and be pandeterministic. They are not natural catastrophes or mythical monsters, and definitely not whole-track suppressives that the restimulated mind conjures up in their place.

Now, if one WANTS to wander outside the sacred ground, I think it's his inalienable right, as long as he's not interfering with a major case action. But bringing shit INTO the sacred ground is, in my eyes, one of the greatest mistakes one can make. A greater one would be staying silent while seeing someone else bring shit into the sacred ground.