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Term DEEP Character Clearing
Definition The central process used in Clearbird's GPM handling. DEEP stands for Decisions, Emotions, Energies and Polarities. The term "character" is used for the roles we have played throughout our many lifetimes, which by collisions, fights and clashes with opponents created the mental mass that is called a GPM. Definition coined by Clearbird, based on Chapter 2 of "A History of Man". Abbreviation: DCC.
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NOTE: This article discusses an offshoot. Offshoots are considered something OTHER than Scientology, as they were not developed by L. Ron Hubbard, and they have never been practiced in any Scientology Church.

DEEP Character Clearing addresses the identities (valences or roles) our client has been playing throughout his or her many lifetimes, and the identities he has fought. There is power and destiny locked up in identities and much of it is counter-productive or reactive.

We can isolate these states of mind, roles and shadow identities and get them fully inspected. We process our client's own reactive roles and those of his opponents in past and present major disagreements and conflicts. As a result, the person moves out of fixed conditions with their irrational fears, aggressions, repeated failures, and self abasement. The person moves out of own repeated wrong-doings and unnecessary aggressions, own shortcomings, embarrassments and lack of courage when it really matters. The client, once again, can play games that are fun! He can be what he is capable of being; he can playfully do what the chosen game calls for; and he can successfully obtain the desired result of the chosen game or pursuit.

Reference: Ron Hubbard, Tech Dictionary: GPM: 3. constituted of items, beingnesses, that the person has been and has fought. (SH Spec 137, 6204C24)

Reference: Ron Hubbard, "A History of Man", chapter 2:

"THOUGHT, EMOTION, EFFORT, COUNTER-THOUGHT, COUNTER-EMOTION, COUNTER-EFFORT, motivator ATTENTION UNITS, overt ATTENTION UNITS, ded ATTENTION UNITS and their manifestation on the various tone scale charts are the sum and total of factors to be audited out of any one target. Each and every auditing target contains these factors, is audited in the same way, has the same basic behaviour pattern and succumbs to such auditing."