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Term DIR
Definition Abbreviation for "DEEP Incident Running". DEEP stands for Decisions, Emotions, Energies and Polarities. DEEP Incident Running is a version of Dianetics where the "lost tech" that Hubbard describes extensively in his early 50's tapes is re-incorporated, so that it could also be called "Dianetics '52". Definition coined by Clearbird, based on Chapter 2 of "A History of Man".
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By using the DEEP approach, all relevant thoughts (postulates), emotions and efforts in an incident are fully erased, and the polarity concept is honored by running the opposing viewpoint or viewpoints. This is extensively covered by Hubbard in his early 50's tapes, and probably explains why he was such an extraordinary auditor.

Since they are of such essential importance to any auditor (and his PC's!), these key references are made available on the GPM website "Complete Your Bridge": http://completeyourbridge.org/References/CYBReferences.htm#effort