Dan – Grade 2 Success Story

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Success Story
Auditor Jerry Tunedal
Name Dan
Auditing Success Grade 2

My success story begins with a little history about me. I relocated my entire life from Toronto to L.A. to do the bridge in the independent field 15 years ago. Since then I became a US citizen, worked various jobs, had a few girlfriends, got married then divorced, committed overts, withheld those overts, bought real estate and lost it all. Life was kicking me in the butt and I was losing the game, bad. I couldn’t afford the bridge anymore and I didn’t get very far. Recently, I packed up all my stuff, what little I own and I flew back home to Canada with the intention to do my bridge on a full time basis, studying and auditing everyday, otherwise it felt very real to me that I would never finish it in this lifetime at the pace I was going. So, I’m back where I started my life. Living at home with my parents, in their basement, confronting all my overts and withholds.

And I have.

142 hours later, I finished Grade 2. I’ve never confronted so much in my life, and I never thought that I would communicate my overts to anyone, ever. Some things I was going to take to the grave with me. Thanks for making me feel like I can talk to you Jerry, you make me feel safe. My life is restored back to normal again. In the end, I get it’s not about what grade I’m on or how long its been taking me but rather that my life experience has been repaired. That’s what matters to me. All the charge of my life is gone now. I’m really happy to have my life back.

Not only do I feel a relief from the hostilities of life but I also feel a relief from how long it’s taken me to get to write you this success story.

I feel free now from all the physical abuse I endured by my parents, all the antagonism that came from my brother and my sisters and from living life on this planet. I hated life, I hated earth and I didn’t belong here. I realize how aberated everyone’s actions were towards me but I feel like I can freely move around within societies aberrations now and not let it effect me as much. Like it’s their aberration, not mine. I got my itsa line straightened out. At this moment, I have certainty that I completed the most thorough grade two ever and I definitely cleansed myself of all the past negative experiences of my life. It was as though I witnessed magic happening before my eyes, as I erased things that I was stuck with for so long. I can now see how I participated in all of the negative experiences not knowing what the hell I was doing at the time. I am starting life over again; I have a second chance at life, a fresh new beginning, starting from scratch and equipped with all this experience under my wing.

I’m aware of my actions now and what I experience each and every moment is up to me what I want to make of it, what I do, what I don’t do, who I choose to be and who I choose not to be, its really up to me. I’m not afraid of having others tell me what to do without it bothering me because its not a forced request any longer and deciding to do it or not is up to me to decide. Now, watching my Italian family yell at each other or argue amongst each other doesn’t bother me either, before I would resist the sight of it, now it’s entertaining to watch without being bothered by it at all, letting them be while I get to be me.

When I was in a downward spiral during my darkest times, when I didn’t want to do this anymore, when I felt like quitting because of my previous auditor experience, Trey picked me up from the ground. That’s what it took, a man of his experience and expertise, otherwise I don’t think I would be here writing this to you now. I’m not hurting anymore. I’m no longer taking the wrong survival actions, and the downward spiral has been completely stopped and reversed itself upward. I’m standing on stable ground again. And I’m looking up with my eyes at reaching the top of the bridge.

Thank you again Jerry for being such a talented young superstar auditor. I love you man! You’re like the brother I never really had but always wanted. I’m proud of how far along you have come on your bridge and you never stop to amaze me. Thank you to Sue for being okay with Jerry spending time auditing me intensively, this doesn’t go unnoticed, I really appreciate this. Thanks LRH for creating the tech and to Trey Lotz for believing in me when I stopped believing in myself. I never thought I would say this but it’s been worth the long wait, it’s been worth the grind. Ultimately, I wouldn’t change how my story is unfolding for me.

I commend all those who have reached the top of the bridge for their hard work and I hope to one day know what it feels like to be there with you. Even though it hasn’t been easy and it’s been taking me a lot of effort, energy and dedication to walk, I continue to remain determined and will meet you on the other side shortly.