Den Lille Scientology Ord Bog

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Den Lille Scientology Ord Bog
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This Danish Scientology dictionary was issued in 1970, 20 years after Scientology was started approximately 10 years after Scientology came to Denmark.

Brief history is as follows. After L. Ron Hubbard produced the study technology, at a point when Scientology had existed for many years with its own terminology and jargon and a need for good dictionary was well known he ordered a dictionary to be made. He planned it in two phases. First a short free dictionary was to be made and issued free as a "teaser" (advertising product) for a comprehensive Scientology dictionary. The smaller (English-language) dictionary was issued (without any advertising for the comprehensive dictionary) but, possibly because resources were diverted to other urgent products, the full Scientology tech dictionary did not come out until much later (1975). The programme was so badly mismanaged that the initial little dictionary was regarded as the Scientology dictionary.

In Denmark with a language problem (in the beginning all materials were in English, nothing was translated to Danish) the need for a dictionary was great and this little book is the result of local initiative and was translated from the English small dictionary and local auditors basically translated the English dictionary into Danish.

The book is 14 cm x 21.5 cm and has 44 pages.

Sample page from this Danish little Scientology dictionary.