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Success Story
Name Eagle
Auditing Success Auditing

Anonymous success story on a Scientology blog.

"I am not posting this under my own name, simply because I do not have the time or the patience to deal with the blow-back I would receive, right now. If it ever became really important, I would come out under my own name. At the moment, it is not, so for now, this is a first hand personal testimony, posted under a handle, that relates to the point of: can you objectively analyse something in an area like Scientology if you have not personally experienced it yourself?

Actually, yes you can, if you obtain a representative sample of first hand testimony. However, because the Corporation of Scientology is as it is, obtaining said representative sample is not possible, because the people in the organizations will say whatever they are told to say, and the people outside the organization are very scattered.

Hubbards’ flaws and dispositions are not news to me. I was briefly in the Corporation of Scientology for a short while. I never had any auditing when I was in. I saw all the hideous things happening in the organization, and left. However, I did have a traumatic time, and have carried the burden of that trauma for almost two decades. I used a variety of other methods to work through it. I managed to reduce it from occupying about 75% of my consciousness, down to about 15% over the years. But that last 15% I could not resolve. It was a burden that lessened my quality of life, and hung heavy.

Recently, I had the opportunity to receive some auditing from someone practicing independently, outside the Corporation. Not naming that person here either, as I do not want to put a target on their back. They offered, and I thought “Why not? All else has failed.”

Nothing could have prepared me for what followed. The person was amazing, is highly experienced and trained, and a brilliant auditor. The methodology of being asked questions, in a session, with an e-meter, brought the heaviness to the surface, it was so intense, it was almost physical. I had not felt that before when using other methods to try and resolve it. And as I went through it, the grief of it was overwhelming. Then, I could feel it lifting, and it went. I cannot even begin to describe the relief I felt. I am not one to cry, but I cried. I was finally, and completely, relieved of the burden. Afterwards, for a few days, I was almost disorientated from not having that thing weighing on me anymore, and it took time to adjust. But the effect is permanent, and I am feeling like a whole new person, with a whole new life ahead of me. I am happy for the first time in YEARS.

So if anyone wants to know what is it about Scientology that is so compelling for those who have experienced what I recently experienced for the first time, THAT is what it is, THAT is what it is about. The techniques and methodology have a precision that is still without equal, and they can be used for harm, or they can be used to heal people. In this case, it healed me. Completely. And, I had an experienced auditor who knew what they were doing, following the methodology precisely, who cared about me, and who was there for me through the whole thing. THIS is what Scientology is, stripped of all hubris, down to the bare essence, and THIS is what is worth preserving. Because Scientology can really heal people. I know. I have been healed by it."