Edugui's Grade 0 Success Story

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Success Story
Auditor Víctor Hugo Arthur
Name Eduardo Guízar Pérez
Auditing Success Grade 0


  • Please note that this success story was written in the second half of Grade 0, not at the completion of it.

Excited to communicate I am doing Grade 0 , six sessions so far and it's been excellent, really, so good that I would recommend it to everyone, I want everyone out there to get auditing and experience the mystical world of awareness and posibility that Scientology offers.

One thing I noticed is that I was believing this was going to be about "me", if I am going to be released on communication is because there is something wrong with me that needs to be fixed, well, how tight and antiquate looks that perspective from here now; in fact, what I am discovering is how things like bodies or people are communicating (and failing to, very often), all the time and from anywhere, this is not correcting any "me" because there is no me in first place, the ego is nothing but the mind trying to compute everything in function of an "I", a ficticious identity created to rationalize everyday experience and explain life.

What we're doing here, is cleaning up terminals and lines that were bogged and heavily enturbulated, other people communicate but there are thetans for instance, bodiless and sometimes very powerful, sometimes not, communicating all the time; so Grade 0 has been about cleaning things up and coming to the RECOGNITION of sources of communication and the authors of it; and I can see how a big chunk of my "ego" has gone away for good and forever, not even "my" ego, is not mine, it was just a projection;

The spectacle is great, I am enjoying it, recommend it to everyone inside and outside this groups, goodby for now and thank you for everything, so far so good.