Edugui's Grade 1 Success Story

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Success Story
Auditor Víctor Hugo Arthur
Name Eduardo Guízar Pérez
Auditing Success Grade 1
Training Success Other


Problems are not a problem if I don’t make a problem about them. I am free to have any problems I desire and best of all, free of the need to do anything about else people’s problems. I can now live with or without them.

The help section gave me a tranquility I haven’t got in years, a tranquility I know will stay, not as a persistence but as something I can have. I got released of very wrong ideas I had about help I didn’t know I have them. The whole section released me on the subject of help.

The Objectives were amazing: they stir up and then blow away very heavy masses on things and issues and subjects I didn’t know were there. I had more than a line of charge on these, more than a time I was exterior and feeling like floating.

The whole grade was excellent, and I am resisting to use the word “perfect”.