GPM-Processing - Complete Your Bridge!

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GPM-Processing - Complete Your Bridge!
Primary Contact GPM-Processing - Complete Your Bridge!
Training Offered
Auditing Offered
Case Supervision Class VIII
Country DK
City Copenhagen

NOTE: This article discusses an offshoot. Offshoots are considered something OTHER than Scientology, as they were not developed by L. Ron Hubbard, and they have never been practiced in any Scientology Church.


"Complete Your Bridge" is a servíce for Scientologists who keep working at their case, independent from the pressures and regulations in their former church. Specifically it deals with Actual GPMs, the part of the case that Ron Hubbard saw as its core. We use DEEP Character Clearing (DCC), a new type of processing, for the handling of GPMs. We are also organizing the auditor training necessary to run this new technology.

DEEP CHARACTER CLEARING (DCC) has been developed by Rolf Dane, the same Class VIII auditor who wrote the famous Clearbird Materials, assisted by his partner Heidrun Beer.

WHAT'S NEW IN DEEP CHARACTER CLEARING? The Bridge as it exists today does not address identities directly. There is power and destiny locked up in identities and much of it is counter-productive or reactive. DEEP Character Clearing fills in that hole and expands the Bridge upwards.

DEVELOPMENT HISTORY: We researched the 1960'ies tech that Ron Hubbard called GPM tech, and also a type of processing called Effort processing, that never was fully written up but shortly in use in 1951-52. By redeveloping and refining Effort processing, that had become a truly lost tech, and applying it to identities as we found them in the abandoned GPM tech, we have brought about a fantastic technical breakthrough that opens the door to new levels of OT.

Ron said that the GPM CASE WAS AT THE CORE OF THE BANK, and that the handling of one central identity and its opponent in a GPM (meaning one polarity in a bigger pattern) would equal the handling of thousands of engrams. DEEP Character Clearing is the tech that handles dozens of such identities fully and straightens out and cleans up the reactive games played by these dramatizing or beaten down players.

You can indeed have your own case and core problems addressed after Clear. And you can fully release the charge and trapped life energy from the goals and identities found. The DEEP techniques are unique here. They are a new development based on studies, tests and refinements of Ron Hubbard's Effort processing.

Read all about DEEP Character Clearing, definitions, references, frequently asked questions and some most impressive succes stories at, and get even more details from the DEEP videos at!

RON HUBBARD, HCOB 28 SEP 63: "Anything worrying the PC or reducing his capability or life potential is to be found in Actual Items or Goals, not in engrams or implants. These are not primary causes. Only the pc’s own goals and items are capable of basically causing the trouble. The PC's own goals and items are the final road to O.T."