Grade 1 Success Story

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Success Story
Auditor Jerry Tunedal
Name Hamid
Auditing Success Grade 1

All of a sudden I was present, all of a sudden I could communicate on a whole other level, all of a sudden I felt more capable than ever, all of a sudden I could meet my problems and handle them. I was no longer afraid, I am more here now. Less thinking, more acting. I have climbed up the worst of me and it is now all of a sudden so much better. 

There's a difference between older and newer cars. Newer cars have a built-in system that identifies the right problem thanks to a specific troubleshooting system. In older cars, you needed to look for the problem yourself and that took way longer. 

My troubleshooting system is incredible, it finds the source so quickly.

Thank you, Jerry, for being an awesome auditor and for delivering the tech the way it is supposed to be delivered.

Hamid - January 2020