Grade 3 and Change

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Success Story
Auditor Dave LaCroix
Auditing Success Grade 3

Grade III

We all know that grade III is about change. Until you get on the other side of those processes though, you don’t have a subjective reality on what the hell that really means. In your whole track befuddlement, change is the last thing you want. In fact, if just one more thing moves on you, you are not sure you will be able to maintain your sanity at all. So, you are in a permanent state of fear-frozen fixedness. Change is just a word that you might be able to glibly define, and you could probably imagine a few conditions in your environment being a bit different, but changes to self are way too scary.

Enter Grade III.

It is gone - that serious cloud that you assumed was you. You wouldn’t get rid of yourself, so why would you view all that noise that you thought were your own ideas? Well, they weren’t your own ideas. They were a track full of panicked warnings to not move lest the pain re-commence. If survival is a tricky game, how much harder is it if you are trying to do it without moving? Do you think you are going to think your way out of it?
I just can’t stop laughing over how ridiculous the states of aberration we managed to attain are. And, we honestly assumed that they were a solution. Oh, the pain – the senseless pain. And the loss that seemed unavoidable – destined even – is not unavoidable at all. Your crazy viewpoint caused it, and nothing else. And that concreted viewpoint blows up on grade III. What kind of a miracle is that?
I can only estimate what life is going to be like when I am not supplying 90% of the counter-efforts myself. Should be fun. The next secrets to be revealed on the bridge must be a gas too. Can’t wait.
The “tech” in the hands of a skilled and loving being is the single most valuable phenomenon in this whole damn universe. Love and honor these beings, and LRH’s hard-won truths. And do the BRIDGE! You are either as-ising this crazy music, or you are dancing to it.

Thank you Dave!

Mike W
21 March 2017