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Introduction to Category: History of Scientology - Technical
Author Antony A Phillips
Type of Article Category:History of Scientology - Technical

Ron Hubbard (at least in the 1950s) intended that there should be a complete history of technical research and advances in Scientology, and this was done in written form (for example the 12 volumes entitled The Technical Bulletins of Dianetics and Scientology, often called The Red Volumes, each of which had 400 to 500 pages) and in the 3000 or so lectures which were recorded and available (transcriptions of which were being issued in book form, known as the Blue Volumes). These were studied (to some degree) in courses for auditors and case supervisors.

But is that any use to the relative newcomer to Scientology Technology?

My answer is a resounding "no". The fellow or woman who contacts FriScientology, or some branch of it in 2013, gets a bit of auditing with nice results perhaps through the Pilot's Self Clearing and gets curious as to how this subject developed is not going to find it easy using Hubbard's detailed (verging on verbose) record, as apparently Hubbard intended them to do, reading and listening directly to Hubbard. And worse, the person who has joined official Scientology and left before his ability to do so has been severely reduced will come away with the idea that David Miscavige has carefully cleaned Hubbard's work of alterations that "others" have put in probably won't find the original 12 volumes and read through them with understanding.

While gradient scales are (in my opinion) an important part of Clearing (the true, positive, Scientology) I can not see in the present way Scientology/Clearing is presented to the newcomer any gradient for him to get the "feel" of how Ron worked and how things developed.

With the help of Dave LaCroix and Scientolipedia I have started to implement a gradient. We have set up a sub-category of the Scientolipedia category History of Scientology thus: History of Scientology - Technical (I think you can click on that and see what we have so far in that category). Under that category I and I hope others with first hand experience of small bits of Ron at work will put articles on a specific bit of his workmanship in developing Scientology. We may even get something which appears rarely in Hubbard's official record; data on a process having negative results in some cases and therefore being dropped.

It's sixty years on since I first became involved with Scientology, and there are not many left from the very early days (days which were important, I think, in setting the trend on how things were done since). Many have written in various places (many of them findable by a diligent search of the Internet) so we really need some bright and intelligent youngsters (under 50, I'd suggest, though fearing being accused of being a discriminatory old fogey) to search out and make available in Scientolipedia under History of Scientology – Technical the essence of the items found elsewhere.

So here is a treble invitation:

There is no reward, other than the fact that despite the large amount of attention on the bad sides (and bottom) of the Scientology organisation rampant in media generally (think of Going Clear) you are doing something to illuminate the bright, positive, useful side of Scientology.

Take a thank you if you have the intention of following one or more of these paths!

The tech/auditing/therapy side of Scientology and an understanding of it is important!