L. Ron Hubbards Hat Turn Over

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L. Ron Hubbards Hat Turn Over
Topic L. Ron Hubbards Hat Turn Over
Author Max Hauri, CO Ron's Org Grenchen
Type of Article Category:History of Scientology
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This is an important message to you. Discover some of the facts undermining Scientology for more than 40 years!

First, let me review the time track of our green technology – the OEC – the Organization Executive Course which is basically a collection of all HCO Policy Letters, this stuff that contains all the knowledge how to put an org there and administrate it and lead and make an org successful. Those Policy Letters also include the Scientology Ethics.

In 1982-83, when a huge amount of Scientologists, Staff members and Sea Org members left the church we all went through a secondary, and a Third Dynamic engram of magnitude. Most of us had dedicated our life to Scientology and some still do.

No one understood what really happened; it took literally decades to get the full picture of what caused the great schism. Back then, we had at best, just a blank, a huge misunderstanding, at worst, weird and unevaluated assumptions about why all this had happened.

Obviously the tech and admin failed – otherwise there wouldn’t have been such a catastrophe, such a cataclysm. How was it possible that such a fantastic tech – and we have seen the marvelous products it delivered – could end up in such a suppressive and fascistic organization? The ARC breaks were countless, still today, people leave the church with such ARC breaks.

A very common explanation and bank agreement was that “the Tech is great but the Admin doesn’t work.” Still today I hear that from top executives. The answer was to just ignore the admin and apply the tech. What a blasphemy, what a Tech downgrade and degrade! After all it is just saying: “Ron, I know it better! You failed! Take a look at your organizations! Your fault!”

But stop, halt! Who has put the Organization there? Wasn’t it him, Ron, who put the Organization there in the first place? Was he supported by government or the like? Who gave him the millions needed for that? You know it yourself, nobody gave him a dime.

It was his genius that motivated people to support him; it was his genius how to organize them. It was his incredible ability to deal with people. What he did, made Homo sapiens speechless.

You may think I am exaggerating. But my more than 40 years in Scientology and 35 years in the Freezone gave me an experience I didn’t expect: While Ron was around, we had numerous and very big orgs and missions, today we are far from that.

Respectfully we have to admit that Ron has done something no one on Earth has expected at all: Within 22 years he created a new religion, an organization acting globally and this, in spite of heavy attacks!

Do you know another thetan capable of that? I don’t.

The arrogant assumption that “the Tech is great but the Admin is not working” is obviously lacking a proper and unbiased evaluation.

But what made us think so, back then in 1982-83 and later until this very day?

It was, and is a lie. “THE ONLY WAY YOU CAN CONTROL PEOPLE IS TO LIE TO THEM. You can write that down in your book in great big letters.” (Tape 26 June 1952)

Miscavige and his cohort lie to us about the actual date Ron passed away or left us. Maybe they themselves do not really know it. This is not a letter about what really happened with L. Ron Hubbard, not because I don’t want to tell you, but because we don’t have the real facts, we are just extrapolating from a huge Mississippi of data to not say lies.

A profiler would say “criminals have their own handwriting, they repeat their pattern.” Do you know that the church of Scientology to this very day has not announced that Mary Sue Hubbard passed away? It is the Ron’s Org and the Freezone which found out and made it public.

What a shame that this criminal organization never paid a tribute to Mary Sue Hubbard.

From a technical viewpoint (red on white) I have to assume that Ron left in 1972, maybe middle of 1972. My research on the subject is really based on the HCOBs and tapes, and of course on the changes of the tech. My research is not based on “who has seen Ron and when” – of course, I also asked such questions, but some of the answers were more a sanity index from those who responded to my question asked.

Hard facts are: The last lecture Ron has given is the Expanded Dianetics lecture from April 7, 1972 “Illness Breakthrough”.

After 1972, there are hardly any pictures from Ron, and those available are of poor quality.

The fact is that he was missing for 10 months; no one knows where he was and what he did, from December 4, 1972. Upon “his” return, “he” wrote the “Snow White” program that made possible to demote MSH as the controller of the Guardians Office and finally took her and Jane Kambler to prison; this was probably the justification to no longer mention Mary Sue. As the Controller of the GO, she was factually the highest executive in the church. Quentin’s murder in 1976 has contributed to breaking her.

The point I'm making is: Was it Ron who wrote “Snow White”? When you start to investigate you see rather a PTS person than a “Founder”: Having a serious crash with his motor bike, having a stroke 1975 and 1978, hiding and consistently on the run, Mary Sue shouting at him, not really writing and researching, not auditing anymore. Writing “Snow White” was definitely an error and criminal, from the very beginning. Take a look in the red volumes, how little was released after 1972 compared to before, and – this is my take – there is no brilliant output, some issues obviously not written by him and other things easily written by somebody else, rather repetitions or clarifications.

A fellow auditor once confessed to me that before he was staff auditor, in the seventies, he was a Guardian Activities Scientologist (a GAS). One of his orders was to investigate the defense and security arrangements and plans of the Federal Parliament buildings from Berne, Switzerland. Was that part of “Snow White”? Today if found out, you would end up as a terrorist in prison.

Don’t ask me what happened with Ron really. I don’t know.

I think the ESTO, FEBC and XDN tapes, the Data Series, Esto Series, PR Series, Personnel Series, Organizing Series, Finance Series and Executive Series are a Hat Write Up, a Hat Turnover. Those are real OT data. If you have ever been searching for the Grail, here it is.

I think the red and green volumes, including the Management Series, were a kind of last order to have the Tech and Admin available at hand.

When you talk to people doing research in this area, you have to face the weirdest theories, but I cannot tell you what is true or false in that regard. These “conspiracy theories” have all in common that Ron was the effect of it: Kidnapped, being arrested, doubled, PDHed, electroshocked…

But one thing is never taken into account or discussed: Did he leave intentionally? Did he know what he was doing? Was it a plan? Was it his postulate? Did he leave causative?

Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. – My answer and my assumption, but I never had the chance to ask him.

This brings us back to his 22 years of work. What an unbelievable job, in only 22 years!

I can only take my hat off to him. He is a real OT!

Do you see now the wrong and biased evaluation of the Green Tech?

After 1972 we were fed with altered and false HCO PLs and HCOBs. New bulletins and policies, on its behalf and other names, were released, revised again and again with finally opposite content. The smoke on the gun is so evident.

The OEC training is a goldmine. It contains fantastic knowledge. You need it, we need it, and this planet needs it.

The Tech is one leg, the Admin is the other leg.

Capt. Bill correctly assigned Dynamic 11 to the Tech and higher, Dynamic 12 to the Admin.