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Author L Ron Hubbard
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(Originally issued as an article in Ability 50 on 5 July 1957. Issued as an HCO PL on 5 Oct. 87.)


Have people who don't know Scientology stopped making "sense" to you?

Start a group.

When the groups in Chicago, LA and Houston have pushed out to the city limits, we hope they will continue to expand until they find themselves merged with New York, Seattle and Miami.

If Scientology is ever to travel, it will be accomplished by groups.

I hope to see the AMA defined as "that building in Chicago which is totally surroun-ded by Scientology groups." And the government in Washington defined as "that group which has not yet been validated." And Earth defined as "that planet where people settle things peacefully via Scientology groups."

Scientology is basically communication. If you knew all the wisdom in the universe and had none to whom you could communicate, you would still be unhappy.

People don't bite. Ask them over to a sociable evening to discuss forming a mental health group. When they get there, don't ask them to join. Just elect them as officers. Get them to agree on future meetings and the programs. Assume they want to know more about Scientology. Explain Scientology offhandedly as though it's sort of strange they don't know and get on with group organization and business.

Don't run Decisional Processing on them. Assume they've decided and lo! you've got a group. Groups fail to form in absence of purpose. People fail to join in absence of pur-pose they can understand.

Mock up the purpose. Invite in the people. Form up a program around the purpose and away you go.

If you don't have one, it's because you've been trying to explain Scientology to people and so get them to join. Just get them to join and let Scientology soak in.

A group is fun.

A group is communication.

A group is society.

It's a poor man who isn't king in some corner. Form a group and stop being poor. Form a group.

L Ron Hubbard