MSH - The Saint Hill Course - Three Years

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MSH - The Saint Hill Course - Three Years
Author Mary Sue Hubbard
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1 May 1964

The Saint Hill Course –Three Years [1]

photograph by Ron

THE SAINT HILL SPECIAL BRIEFING COURSE has been in operation for more than three years now. From a small course merely in which we had only hoped to train and put into the field and in the Central Organizations a few really well trained auditors, it has grown to the point where we have trained over two hundred auditors.

Ron has gotten technology to the point where the only thing standing in the way of Operating Thetan for us all can only be the result of two factors: the auditor cannot audit, or the auditor cannot read the E Meter.

Therefore, we have a very severe training schedule in which the final test of whether a student has learned all the theory and practical data and drills is whether or not he can co-ordinate all the factors into a perfectly run session. The final test of whether an auditor can audit is how well he does in actual auditing, not whether he can quote a Bulletin without being able to apply that data in an auditing session, and not whether he can give good acknowledgements in a practical drill on TR 2. An expert auditor has all data and all practical ability completely integrated into a smooth, superb auditing session.

This makes the course difficult; we don't deny this. This makes students go into all sorts of dramatizations; we don't deny this. When a student comes on to course, we expect him, after about three weeks, to go into a beautiful, full-blown dramatization of how horrible it all is. After this has occurred, we expect the student to get some small idea that perhaps he may be responsible to a slight degree for his state and condition. And then a cognition comes: HE KNOWS THAT HE DOESN‘T KNOW, at which point a complete degradation descends upon the student and all his past auditing errors, which he has previously blamed upon the vagaries of the different preclears he has audited, become unlessened as overts and now loom as insurmountable barriers.

At this point we heave a big sigh of relief. The student will make it. He can be taught to be an auditor. The first step in learning is to know that one doesn't know. If one doesn't know this, then nothing can be taught to one. It is as Ron has often said: ‘Before you can cure a blind man of his blindness, he has first to know that he is blind.’ So from this point on, things get better. The student still has his difficulties, but he gets happier, and more hopeful. He can be trained, and we know that we can make him into the expert auditor we expect of anyone given a Class upon graduation from Saint Hill, provided he can stay on course long enough to complete all requirements.

The student's friends, at home, following his or her progress like a continued story, must receive quite a variety of tone scale changes, down and up. In one letter they may hear how it's all too horrible to bear, in another that students are trained by hanging them up by their ears, in another letter a ray of hope comes through. Then it's all grim again and the friends are shocked to learn that ‘the instructors all wear brass knuckles and were recruited from local prisons’. And then, somehow, the letters get sunnier and happier and even a bit superior (except where money is needed to stay on another few weeks to get on the Class VI Course).

We have at Saint Hill our own TV circuit on which Ron and students give demonstrations of sessioning and E Meter reading, and we have applied this as a training mechanism on which student auditing ability is checked; so that, whatever his difficulties, these can be given special attention in training.

I can't give you all the news — that would require a book. But I do want to communicate to everyone that the Class VI Course has started, and that auditors can be taught to audit to O.T. All we have to do now is to train auditors — in other words do what we, here at Saint Hill, are doing — and send auditors out into the field and to the Central Organizations to assist in preparing other auditors for Saint Hill Training, so that the job can be done by more and more for more and more. A new world is being built here, really, factually, and for true. A new world for all of us. Even you.[2]

Mary Sue Hubbard

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