Mike's Livingness Repair

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Success Story
Auditor Chris Black
Name Mike
Auditing Success Life Repair
Website http://scientolipedia.org/info/Chris Black
Email standardtechauditor@yahoo.ca

Mike came to see me to get his first professional auditing. He was virtually a brand new Scientologist, although he had read a number of books and had some introductory auditing. But he was a very aware individual, ready to explore himself further. We had a lot of fun auditing his "Livingness Repair". Here is his success story.

"Through my cognitions, I’ve had huge gains. This is a list of most of them. I’ve made friends with simplicity, since I’ve realized I tend to overcomplicate things:

-Being myself. To stop pleasing and trying to impress others (especially authority or the opposite sex.). Influence on decisions and considerations comes from lack of integrity.

-My body is not me. Its appearance has nothing to do with what I try to communicate to others.

-Having more control over TIME. Deciding to be effect of it makes for ARC breaks, uncompleted cycles, etc. (example: decide of a specific day to visit someone, instead of ’’when I get the time’’).

-To stop avoiding or missing opportunities to build ARC with family members or friends.

-Considering the project of writing as a fun game, instead of a heavy academical task related to the judgement of others and strict intellectual rules.

-At work, whenever at risk of restimulation, to avoid producing entheta communication lines, being down tone and not granting beingness to others.

-Evacuating drugs out of my life, since auditing has showed me that over-thinking can stop whenever not keyed-in. That whisper of the mind, even if accompanied by a feeling of well-being produced by substances, it is still the same unwanted mechanism.

-Learning to enjoy the products of art and literature without the down tone political criticism of artists and intellectuals.

-My work is only a job that helps with survival and not a life plan.

-To pursue my mountaineering goals and dreams, since it is a healthy and theta activity that puts me in ARC with the 6th Dynamic.

-I’ve realized that my life is almost entirely composed of positive elements, amazing people and beauty. The bank is weak in front of all this.

-I can now look clearly and simply at the track between present time and my birth and confront all the events, especially the ones that were clouding my existence.

-I WENT EXTERIOR! (‘nough said)

-I’ve realised that the ARC I have for some things, isn’t from this lifetime. I’ve had it before any form of learning. Since I have very little reality on past lives, this is huge for me.

Ron and Chris, I’m very grateful. Thank you so much for your work and dedication, Chris. Much love and sincerest thanks to all the Scientologists that have made this happen in one way or another."