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Success Story
Auditor Dave LaCroix
Name Mike W.
Auditing Success Clear
Website http://scientolipedia.org

Mike has been a Scientologist for 38 years and was bounced around with a lot of mis-handlings in the church. Getting his state of Clear sorted out and acknowledged was a joy to participate in. David LaCroix

success[edit | edit source]

Dave and I, and Ron, did it! I am clear.


A lot of amps have been wasted Q and A-ing with the state, and it is a great relief to finally have it all bracketed.

The most remarkable thing about the state, to me, is its scarcity. It is not all that complicated to attain this state, and the state itself is an incredible simplicity. It is amazing how obsessively complicated we have been, and how difficult this has been made to accomplish.

I have been clear for thousands of years. Thank some Buddhist. Until Ron came along with some understanding of minds and life, it didn’t really improve my life much. I could just screw it up with more velocity. Clear is a wasted state without a pretty good level of understanding of life and its mechanics. Clear is not understanding - understanding is understanding. A good understanding and a lack of compulsions and inhibitions are just what one needs to begin to engage the game of life and survive it.

I have, now, a chance to live. What a gift.

Thanks Dave. Thanks again Dave – forever.

Thanks Ron. We all know that all this is impossible, but you did it anyway.

Thanks to the many fine auditors I have known along the way.

The real climb has begun, and I can’t wait.

Mike W