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Muzzled Group Co-auditing
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By muzzled in this context we refer to auditing where the auditor is limited in what he/she says to the preclear.

Here is a description, an excerpt, from L Ron Hubbard's Bulletin of 10 December 1964 entitled "Scientology 0 Listen Style Auditing"

The co-audit version is merely to get the student to do auditing without having to assume too much responsibility.
In this version it is really the instructor who is doing the auditing. He starts the session and tells the auditor to give the commands and acknowledge the answers. If this relationship is understood it makes the supervision of a Level 0 group of teams much easier.
The procedure for running a Listen Style Co-audit is as follows
1. The auditor seats the pc in his or her chair and then sits down across from the pc, knees a few inches from the pc's. A table is used, or just two chairs, the auditor's report being kept on a clip board. There is, of course, no meter.
2. The auditor takes the exact auditing command to be used from his text book, bulletin or notes.
3. He asks the pc if it is all right to audit the pc in the room and if not, makes things right by adjusting the room or location of auditing.
4. He tells the pc the purpose of such sessions (Reality Factor) "I want to get you used to talking to another." "I want to improve your reach," etc. It's the auditor's goal at this level, not the pc's. PCs don't get a chance to have goals in Listen Style as they would set goals they can't attain at this level and wouldn't have enough reality on auditing anyway to be sensible about it. So, only an R Factor is used-no goals. The auditor also tells the pc exactly how long the session will be.
5. The auditor tells the pc that all he is going to do is to listen and try to understand the pc, and that all he wants the pc to do is talk on the selected subject the auditor will give him and that if he veers off, the auditor will call it to his attention.
6. The auditor then quickly starts his auditor's report.
7. The auditor says "Start of Session".
8. The auditor gives the command from his text, bulletin or notes. The command must have something to do with telling people things or communicating, and may also specify a subject to talk about.
9. Further commands are given only when the pc loses track of the subject and wants to know what it was (see Routines for Level 0 for exact handling of commands).
10. When the pc says something and obviously expects a response, the auditor signifies he has heard, using any normal means.
11. When the pc says something the auditor doesn't grasp, the auditor asks the pc to repeat it or amplify it so that the auditor does hear it in the fullest sense of the word. (See "The Prompters" below. Only 4 are allowed.)
12. When the pc stops talking, the auditor must adjudicate whether the pc is simply no longer interested in the subject, or has become unwilling to talk about some bit of it. If the auditor believes the pc has stopped because of embarrassment or some similar reason, the auditor has The Prompters, the only things he is allowed to use.

And here an excerpt from Bulletin of 10 December 1964 "Scientology 0 Listen Style Auditing"

The procedure for running a Listen Style Co-audit is as follows:
1. Instructor gets the auditors to seat their pcs in their chairs and then sit down.
2. He writes up on a board the exact wording of the process to be used.
3. He asks students if the room is alright for them to be audited in.
4. He tells them what is going to be run in the session (R Factor) and cleans up any questions on the part of pcs (obviously, stress is on getting them able to talk to anyone).
5. He tells auditors and pcs that all the auditor is permitted to do is to give the command and acknowledge the answers. If pc says anything that cannot be handled with an acknowledgement the auditor will put out his hand behind him and wait for an instructor.
6. He tells the auditors to keep their auditor's reports.
7. Instructor then says "Start of Session".

Personal Description by Antony A Phillips[edit | edit source]

In 1963 to 1964 I was working and living in Clapham, an easy underground train ride to HASI London at 37 Fitzroy Street, near Totttenham Court Road. There they held courses for the uninitiated in the evenings. Though I had some training, I went to one of them (it was cheap). It was muzzled co-auditing, and the majority of the participants had little knowledge of Scientology. We attended three evenings a week and at that time I think there were about 16 of us, sitting in pairs rather closely packed. For an hour one person of each pair was auditor and the partner was preclear, there was a ¼ hour break (a coffee machine in the hallway) and then we spent an hour with roles reversed. There was an instructor who had an emeter, and he assessed the preclears. The assessment was across the eight dynamics, and I was assessed to talk on sex. At the start of the hour the instructor said "start", and the preclears then started talking to their auditor on the subject they had been assessed on. The muzzled auditor said nothing but just sat patiently waiting and listening. If the auditor felt there was need for help she put her hand out behind her; the instructor seeing it came over and handled what ever it was and returned the preclear to talking to the auditor. After the break the auditors switched to being preclears and vice-versa.

For the whole period I did it I was assigned a very beautiful young lady as auditor. I had realised the importance of communication, was extremely poor in communication, especially with regard to sex, but knew that with practising one improved ability. So I slogged away at this three evenings a week, and the result was a win which I remember 50 years later, where many other small wins from Scientology have merged into a sort of "well, I am a completely different person now". One remarkable thing about this was that I stopped it because I got a job at St Hill, and at St Hill I got issued with all the Bulletins including those I had missed since I had worked on staff at the London Org. Looking back, I cannot remember a single mention of this method of co-auditing being mentioned in Bulletins.

References[edit | edit source]

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