On June 30th 2013 I did Complete the L10 in RONS ORG Frankfurt

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Success Story
Auditor Otfried Krumpholz
Auditing Success L 10
Website http://dasdrittejahrtausend.de
Email ok@rons-org.de

"On June 30th 2013 I did complete the L10 in RONS ORG Frankfurt. I did the L10 because my C/S and auditor recommended that rundown to me. Before doing it, I did not realize what exactly is run on that rundown. However I had heard a lot about the L Rundowns and so I was very excited about what was waiting for me. After the first sessions and after the first, big wins which I had on L10 I found a new name for this rundown. For me it was clear: “L” is short for lifesaver-rundown. When I was asked how it is going on my L10, I could only answer: “Incredible and indescribable”. It was not foreseeable for me which aspects of my life would come up and get handled during this auditing. Before, I hadn’t been aware of the fact that there was still something to tidy up in certain areas of my life. But exactly those things came up which made me withhold in life. In session, downright explosions and shocks were effected in my universe. My auditor however lead me through the auditing safely and got me through all difficulties that surfaced so that at the end of every session, I came out with more certainty. For me this step was one of the best actions which I ever had the privilege to do in Scientology. For me it became pretty clear, too, that my auditor Otfried belongs to the best auditors on this planet. Where else but in Ron’s Org do you have an auditor who himself is on the highest OT levels, belongs to the best trained auditors and who has decades of experience as an auditor and C/S. We of the RONS ORG can really feel lucky that we are taken care of by such excellent staff. There are not many other places on this planet where you can soar up the bridge as well and as quickly as in a RONS ORG. THANKS M.C.C., June 30th 2013"