Overhaul of Scientology in 2023: What SOLO auditors can do about 3D and 4D post-pandemic

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Overhaul of Scientology in 2023: What SOLO auditors can do about 3D and 4D post-pandemic
Topic Overhaul of Scientology, FLOWS, KSW
Author Juliusverneo
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THIS IS AN ORIENTATIONAL STUDY TO DISCOVER THE MISSED AND UN-USED TECH. The first part explains what you already know but from a new point of view using scientology definitions which are not commonly used for the specific definitions that matters, thus, gives you a new perspective on the subject which favors a deeper comprehension.
FORWARD NOTE: This is a draft almost completed on July, 23, 2023. Final touches and futher references are going to be added soon.
# The order in time in which FLOWS where discovered.
# The confussion and how it was resolved.
# The unresolved part of the confussion timidly expressed by LRH in an HCOB.
# The invitation to solve it by using 1965 data.

The order in time in which FLOWS where discovered[edit | edit source]

Known from Scientology, the direction of cause-effect of damaging events are called FLOWS.

They were discovered in sequence from the most obvious to the non so-obvious ones during a lapse of about 23 years. During these years the techniques for CLEARING widened to embrace more and more FLOWS that were encountered to be beneficial to be de-energized. Techniques and nomenclature have to be adapted accordingly but, left debrie which now exposed leads to a better aplication of the Tech.

The FIRST FLOW encountered was the main thing to get CLEARED in DIANETICS. Is an INFLOW of injuries, an engram.

Also at that stage of development, 1943-1950, the definitions of 'secondary' and 'lock' were used, but those were accounted as less important as they relayed on basic engrams in their chains trough time. However it is noticeable in this writing that a secondary can be understood as something done to oneself in a small degree, after all, it consists of permiting to become reestimulated, afraid or in emotional pain because of real or imaginary loss, this "imaginary loss" was a possible future created and the creator ACTED UPON IT!. This "imaginary loss" can be also seen as "inexistant reality" which is partialy real only to its creator. The "loss" is an OUTFLOW of something. The "imagined loss" is a non-real OUTFLOW of something. These were the first glimps of the concepts of HAVINGNESS and OVER ACTS which would conform a basic part of the whole scientology theory later.

This brought the circumstance that they were different techniques in increasing amplitud of application.

To RECAP this very important points of view which correlates definitions from the initial and later development of scientology:

'NOTE: This are MY concepts and I do not imply that LRH stated it this way. HOWEVER, you can find these description (which I do not present as definitions) are VALID.'

The 'SECONDARY' concept in another terms (as emotional engram): The recording of an OUTFLOW from the sphere of reach or control from the individual. Something that was part of the thetan or its living reality, gets out of it so he cannot interact with it normally as desired. Or it gets reduced its value to a lesser quality or condition, which is a partial loss. It can be a "real loss", or an "imaginary loss" (awareness of the danger to loss something); in both cases it can get recorded in the mind and anchored to a previous engram. A mascot, a cat, dies; it is a loss. A dog, runs across the street, the person gets freaked out and scared as it can be run over by a car, which does not happen; it gets recorded as a threat to loss that dog.

The SECOND FLOW disovered was already into the realms of the "new subject" called Scientology: An OVERT ACT, something DONE TO OTHER. Is an OUTFLOW that damages, or an OMISSION (not doing) that results in damage to other, any way you look at it, it is a relationship from CAUSE to EFFECT were the person is put as the CAUSE of the damage. In contrary of an engram were the person is put in the position of EFFECT of a damage.

At this point we had the DAMAGING HARM concept applied to the CAUSE-EFFECT concept. So we had two points of view of the same flow. You could see the DAMAGING HARM either from the CAUSE point or from the EFFECT point. You could CAUSE damage or you could be the EFFECT of damage.

So there is cause and effect of a damaging event. Either be it an ACTION or an OMISSION. A FLOW or a PREVENTED FLOW.

If you are at EFFECT, and it is an injury, then it is called an engram. If you are at EFFECT, and it is done by someone, then it is called a motivator [for you to act in defense of yourself and against the source of the hurt]. If you are at CAUSE, then it is called an OVERT ACT.

As it was found that any conflict could bring HURT to oneself, then it was found that WHAT HAVE BEEN DONE TO ONESELF BECAUSE OF THE CONFLICT WITH OTHER had to be cleared too. Then the self-to-self FLOW was discovered and added to the clearing techniques. Here is a description of it.

OVERT ACT uppon itself: The self-reduction of ones capacity, tone, reach, or whatever ability that implies a reduction of awareness, usually due to a lack of integrity (even if brief).

I will argue that a 'SECONDARY' could also be viewed as an OVER ACT uppon itself. As automatic as it can be, if you keep TR0 or simply keep keyed-out the mind, you wouldn't record a secondary. Letting it happen is a seemingly unwilling overt act but it holds to the definition of OVERT ACT.

RESUMING:[edit | edit source]

  • THIRD FLOW, is a LOOP-FLOW, AN OUTFLOW AND INFLOW from oneself to oneself.

It was revealed then that many people would do harm to themselves also, because of being in conflict with ourselves. (Think of a child that pretends to have a stomachache trying to not go to school, or threatens to hurt himself, putting you in fear, if you do not comply with its demands. Think of a suicidal threat if the boyfriend does not come back with that suicidal ex-girlfriend). So we would witness that self-damaging act but we had some responsIbility on it because we were there, either by starting, or continuing the conflict, or not preventing the damage... etc. Even simply "not stopping" the self-injury act of another could be considered as an OVERT ACT against that entity. So this had to be cleared out also.

  • FOURTH FLOW, is a LOOP-FLOW, AN OUTFLOW AND INFLOW from 'other' to itself.

The confussion and how it was resolved[edit | edit source]

A this point, scientology had had advanced tremendously and the GRADES had been already created. At that time people were clearing in a way they called "triple flows". (The list in capital letters two paragraphs above this one). And the new rule was brought out, now everything has to be cleared in QUADRUPLE FLOWS, and anyone who had been cleared in double or triple flows, would had to have cleared further on what was already cleared by adding the clearing of those new flows to be processed.

This however, was brought to research, and more flows were encountered. At some point even 12 or 18 flows could be involved in an "engramic situation" in which there were items also added to people. 'Somehow it was thought that they would not be really completely needed in order to achieve the STATE OF CLEAR in a fast way.' So the QUADRUPLE FLOWS stayed as the standard tech, although we can find some some incongruencies between some processes listed in different parts of the Standard Technology; more noticeable is the fact that the name QUADRUPLE is kept while actually it refers to FIVE flows, when you see the listed commands in the processing sheets.

New names emerged to bring more consistency to the already published theory and the new practice.

  • FLOW ZERO: One to oneself.
  • FLOW ONE: Other to one.
  • FLOW TWO: One to other.
  • FLOW THREE: Other to another.

And they ought to be used in this following order for better and more exhaustive results:


But if you add the OTHER HURTING ANOTHER. then you have a fifth flow, which was intelligently added as FLOW THREE B. So the ACTUAL list nowadays (2023) and since many years ago is:

  • FLOW 1
  • FLOW 2
  • FLOW 3
  • FLOW 3b
  • FLOW 0

All this explanation proves that the technology was developed through successive discoveries and iterations that 'were made to adjust the written and published tech to embrace and align the new discoveries.'

But this is not all of it.

The truth of the fact is that scientology, as a group activity has failed to continue to expand, there has been huge relapses and contractions on the number of members, and many misshandlings due to yet another "missed flow" that was not put in place and was neglected after LRH departed. If you want to know what those flows are and WHY they are so important to a REALY STABLE CASE GAIN either personal o groupal, and want to know how to apply this "missed piece of technology" to yourself, your pre-clears, your clears, pre-OTs, OTs and humanity as a whole, then you can become an insider of this research and development group of OTs.

'The most ASTONISHING FACT is that the missed flow is in plain sight and you will see LRH himself mentioning it once I pin point-out where does he mentions it. I am not inventing nor creating tech, I am just going to point it out once you are up to acknowledge its existence. Perhaps it has been a heavily charged and thus burden flow... And that is the reason WE ALL MISSED IT BEFORE!!! Just as the gradually unburdening of FLOWS in Ronalds discoveries!!!!'


For anyone who wants to take a glance on this research by themselves I suggest this HCOBs:


Quote: "Old Pcs -- Any pc, or pre OT, can be run on the missing legs of the lower grades. But not Power after clear. There is not yet Triple Power. There aren't triple OT sections. There are just Triple grades."


Quote: "There are a great many potential flows. These are covered in greater detail in earlier work. In Triple Grades the following are the only flows used: [...]"
Quote: "Intensity of one or more "legs" of the flow will be found to vary from pc to pc. One pc has a strong inflow, weak outflow and very weak others flow. Another has a strong outflow. Another is all wrapped up in others with no real attention to self."

The last paragraph of that HCOB shows the confussion LRH was trying to unravel and create a workable technology for it while he knew something was going to be left behind.

Quote: "There is more data on the 3 terminal universe in material on the THIRD PARTY LAW. This is not necessarily important—either the 3rd Party Law or that it's a 3 terminal universe—to the auditor in running the processes of Triple Grades. He should however have some idea of flows. Very intricate and numerous flows can be isolated. Triple is the fundamental and what is used in normal auditing."

I point out this sentence: "Very intricate and numerous flows can be isolated. Triple is the fundamental and what is used in normal auditing."

Could it be that now with do not have enough with normal auditing but need thorough and advanced auditing?

Well, it seems so. So the call if for the experienced SOLO AUDITORS to accompany me in this overhaul of scientology and get a thorough job DONE! For the sake of all of us, let's DO IT!

Get in touch through Telegram: Neo_Renaissance (channel): https://t.me/+57V82Vfghol3MTBk