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Pat Krenik, About OT
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Author Patricia Krenik
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In case anyone is interested I would like to say something. I just really want to make OT’s.

I’ve had many goals, some this lifetime, some long-term but over the years these shifted. I had a point in my life a few years ago where I just wanted to get people through the no-interference area. To help those who were stopped or unrecognized by the COS.

Of course I still want to do that, but my prime purpose is to create OT’s.

The “itsa” on this is that I have seen a lot of failures to make OTs. One can make a lot of win and gains for someone, handle their life, improve their heath and cause betterment in general. Still few stay at it to really make OT. It does take a certain amount of dedication. It takes training as well as auditing. It takes time/money and being enough OT to continue the game.

Some people never wanted to be Clear. This was really hard for me to accept in the 1960’s, I couldn’t really believe that anyone knowing about the state wouldn’t want to go clear. Some want to go Clear but don’t continue, they love the state they have and just get so interested in life and playing the game that they cease to go to OT.

Some people don’t believe in OT. They gave up too soon and settled for less. This is not to devaluate the wins and gains they did have. It is only to point out that we do need some people to be “on board” so to speak for the whole enchilada.

There are understandings one has as an OT that are often hard to put into words. One I would like to attempt to communicate is the nature of the planet and the people on it. On this single Earth there are multitudes of group agreements. There are areas of heat and starvation, other areas of war on one’s own race. There are bright spots where people can enjoy each other and the beauties and wonders of the MEST universe and the creations of species from gorgeous birds to spotted frogs. The tone of these different agreements vary, and what is real to one group isn’t necessarily shared (except with a little help from the Internet) with other groups.

We tend not to experience or to experience very little of the harsher realities, so in essence we have several “worlds” sharing our planet. What I see as a future is a falling away of the heavier realities. They will still be created by those who have them, but I see us as OTs rising up with lighter realities and creating a better game. This may not be too dissimilar an idea from some of other spiritual groups, but perceiving this as a gradient scale of realities gives a great deal of hope. We may not clear this planet in this lifetime even by getting the ratio of theta to entheta balanced in favor of theta, but we can make OTs who can make a new beginning.

To do this we need more OTs. Why, because until there are more you will hold back on your OT abilities. You will be like a bird who clips its own wings. Truth is no one wants to be totally alone.

One has to know that when one steps out as an OT that he has others who will also step out. It is a sort of reverse coming out of the closet. So much safer to say, we are “pre-ots”, even though we stick ourselves with the second postulate. It allows us justification for not matching up to someone’s hidden standard on OT.

Years ago when I heard of the dwindling spiral of stopped time I decided I didn’t want to come back here and take another body. I wanted to create a new existence. I wanted to be with others, possibly no body necessary, who could still be capable of sharing affinities and doing things together.

When I first reached that plateau I looked for others there and I didn’t see them. Perhaps they really were there but creating in another time or place. At that time Ron was still around and the concept of “see you on the other side of the bridge” hadn’t been introduced much less understood. I realized one can’t truly be OT unless there are others who are truly OT. If no one is there at the door (so to speak) to greet you when you arrive, one’s inclination is to drop back into what is familiar and there goes OT. It is like an entire wall of self-imposed disabilities. All the agreement to be a little less than we are, in one way or another so we can be par on the playing field, whatever that might be. All so we can have a game. We do love having something of interest to do.

We need to “win” at this game of making OTs. The counter efforts on the Road to Truth attempt to dissuade us at every turn. We need to acknowledge, at least to ourselves, that we are OT. As our certainty increases –and what else is there to OT but certainty—we need to state that we are OT. Never mind the Roman Numerals –start at the premise we are OT, as-is any counter considerations. Focus on making OTs and hat OTs on being OTs, a terribly missing step.

You can’t just throw “The Way to Happiness” onto an OT and expect it to stick. He may have some agreement with it, but in any case he will do what he is going to do. Like raising a teenager, you tell them what to do so life will go more smoothly for them, and they turn around and do something else. So hat away, just don’t be surprised if an OT doesn’t always behave like you might expect. Don’t compare an OT to a human, it doesn’t work that way. OTs are in knowing conditions, and they might mock up a proper suit for a wedding –or then again they may not. OT’s need auditing, because until they can perceive other OTs as a comparable order of magnitude or even an incomparable order of magnitude they will continue to lessen their abilities for a number of reasons (and justifications). As an aside, the Church of Scientology tries to move people up the Bridge so as to free them to their native potential but in the same breath a wall of restraint called The Ethics Officer is given power to ensure they don’t use any new-found ability freely in any sort of negative way that would reflect on the COS. Funny thing is, you can’t create a free being and give him restraints at the same time.:)

We do have many OTs in the Freezone but the attention is somewhat off of making OTs. There is in some quarters, huge attention to “get Miscavige” or even to unmock the COS. There are people delivering who still are trying to change what was instead of creating what is.

Which is sort of the ultimate in mis-identification.

ML, Pat Krenik

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