Pat Krenik-How To Recognize Friends

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Pat Krenik-How To Recognize Friends
Topic Friends
Author Pat Krenik
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Website Academy of Elma WA

Most of us know who our friends are--at least we think we do. Then come the surprises we didn't expect.

The easiest way to know if your friends really are friends is, do they flow to you? Do they let you flow to them?

Especially if you are running a Scientology Group, pay close attention to those who really help. My daughter Misty came to live here and right away one could tell she wasn't just a daughter, but a teammate. She flowed. She found what was needed and wanted and just did it. She kept the study room spotless. She found that a couple of students needed to sell more blankets (their product at and found a friend who bought several. She flowed not only to me as her mother, but to the needs and wants of the people here...our group.

If your want your group to prosper and be successful, look for those who flow and exchange willingly. Remove those who only want to be contributed to, or those who don't really support your efforts but negate them covertly or overtly.

Friends give--they want to help you out. They don't borrow or take and not repay. They have a willingness to receive too, knowing that you like to outflow also. I'm very lucky to have so many wonderful friends--so many I'd like to thank for sharing or working together. Catherine, Rey, Dex and Marina, Mikey, Sylvia, Johan and Carrie, Joe, Mark E., Peter and Sachil helped in December. Mark Hisel, willing to come here at his travel expense to help with EMeter drills with another student. My husband Ray, who sets the coffee pot at night so I can just click the switch in the morning.

Maybe you don't have a group, but this could apply to a family group too. Remove those who won't contribute but who are only there for their "own" needs and wants. Not advocating shunning them, but don't feed the hand that bites you. It's a tough economy, but if Johnny comes trotting back to Mom because he is unemployed, accept him with love, but notice if he volunteers to carry his weight, if he is there for you, too. Don't keep him if he isn't contributing in some way, and don't force him to contribute. Good people will find a way to help the group--if they won't freely give as well as take, you don't need them. They are really not your friend and you are better off without them--they will be better off without you too.

Those that take and don't give are being continual overt cases. Don't put up with that, because to let them "use" you does them harm too.

For a Happy New Year review your friends and take time to thank them. We are lucky to have those who love and care. Pat Krenik