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Per Schiøttz - Current State
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Author Per Schiøttz
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Current state By Per Schiøttz

Preamble[edit | edit source]

Today, 30 years after I left The Church of Scientology, The Sea Org as NOTS Lead Auditor at the AOEU in Copenhagen, Denmark, in the condition of Kha-Khan awarded by Ron, I feel it’s time to address the current state of affairs.

The moaning and the groaning[edit | edit source]

This is because so many years after I left, I still hear people who left at the same time, moaning and groaning about all the bad things they experienced in Scientology and others who condem the ”Free Zone” saying it’s squirrel and not Ron’s tech etc etc.. I think, that now, 30 years later, some persons need to put all that behind them and snap into the present and get on with life and livingness and help others along too, if they want to!

Intermezzo[edit | edit source]

  • Live in the past, and you won't last,
  • Live in the future, you'll have no future.
  • Live in the now, you have the know-how!

”Standard” and ”Bridge[edit | edit source]

So, how does it look right here and now… I see several people being scolded for not being ”Standard” because they are doing something, which is not Ron’s tech or not following Ron’s ”Bridge” etc etc… Well, first of all, if there is any goal of freedom for anyone, then I think that everyone should be recognized as free beings who can do exactly as they want to and let the rest assume that they have enough commmon sense to be able to observe their own actions and decide when they are good and carry on with it and when they are not so good and change moodus operandi. I have the trust in my fellow players here, that they will be able to do just that. For that is the way of enlightened, well-intended beings

”Standard Tech”[edit | edit source]

There are many definitions of Standard Tech. The one I like the most I learned when I did the Class VIII Course where he said that Standard Tech is following the rules of processing handling the case in front of you. This means that you find out where the person in front of you lives, first of all. What are his/her problems? What exactly does he/she want to improve? What hinders the person’s life quality and abilities? You MUST know this. If you are not 100 % sure that you know this, you do NOT start auditing, no, you find out until you are damned sure that you know exactly what’s going on with this client.

What ”Bridge[edit | edit source]

There are several ”Bridges” to follow (or not). There is the ”Bridge” as presented in The Church of Scientology, there is Cpt. Bill’s ”Bridge”, There is Andreas Buttler’s bridge called Spiritologie which is now changing into SPIRITOLOGY and then there are a lot of false bridges. But the most important bridges of all is: ”Your Bridge”. That is that route that YOU have to follow in order to reach YOUR goals or to handle YOUR stops in reaching those goals. NOT someone elses ”Bridge”, and not any other C/Sed steps suggested just because they were suggested for another case – never….

Church ”Bridge[edit | edit source]

Is what you learn in the Church. Since it is 30 year since I left the Church I do not know exactly how their ”Bridge” looks now, but from what I gather from the rumor line it’s NOT what Ron prescribed, and that is why a lot of very well trained auditors left the Church, myself included. For my own part, it was not possible to help PCs or Pre-OTs in the Church any longer. Overts and bad deeds revealed in session was leaked by the C/S to ethics and people started spending more time in ethics than in session. I had to put down my pen at times in order to be able to fly the rud’s and make false auditing reports in order to get and keep PCs in session. This could not go on. I tried to correct it but they only brought out the axes and guillotines and nooses then, so I left.

Cpt. Bill’s ”Bridge[edit | edit source]

I worked a lot with Bill in The Sea Org and we had a very nice way of handling things together. He would come out to my org on Thursdays on his motor bike, summer and winter, no hat, no gloves and say: ”Where is the hot chocolate”? We had some and then looked over the weeks stats and discussed what to do next week. THAT was the entirety of the management. He was the best back-up I ever had. Once we did a marriage in the course room and the old ship’s bell, which we used to start, break and end courses with, was used too. Next day I got a Knowledge Report from the GO saying that church image was out and that: ”They even had a (ship’s) bell there”. Next day Bill called the A/G and asked if he had ever seen a church wihout a bell.

Piloting[edit | edit source]

When Bill became active researching new OT-levels I had a center in Copenhagen and piloted a lot of his tech and new levels with the public in the centre. He would write the procedure or programme and fax it to me. I would C/S the auditing which was done solo or by one of my auditors who was trained by Bill. We would then report back to Bill. This was a fine line. I did not agree with all that Bill made, but it went well until he got sick. I and others offered to give him some sessions, but he didn’t want it at that time. Then he died, but his creation RONS ORG has been very successfull since and it is NOT following Ron’s original tech verbatim to the hilt.

Andreas Butler[edit | edit source]

In 2008 I went to Berga in the then-East Germany (now Germany) where my old Dutch friend from the AO in Copenhagen Caspar de Rijk had moved to from Holland and started Multiple Genius Technologies. The multiple should be understood, as far as I understood as not limited to only Ron’s tech. I liked this because to me that felt more like auditing the case in front of you than just putting everybody on the same ”Bridge”. Later Caspar connected himself strongly to Andreas Buttler who claimed he was the reincarnate of Ron and had developed Spiritologie which I was told had NOTHING to do with Scientology. I completed a translation of Andreas’ book into Danish and from that I would say, it had everything to do with Scientology. There was nothing new to me, but maybe I didn’t understand it all anyway. Now just here in the beginning of the new year 2014 Andreas apparently has resigned completely from Spiritologie and disconnected himself from the group and Caspar will do a re-boot and call it Spiritology, and if that is going towards what was his Mega Tech thing, then that sounds good in my ears as to me that was more flexible and more like handling the case in front of you.

Different other Tech persons[edit | edit source]

As the years have gone by more and more people have appeared who are active in the field and develop tech to handle the cases in front of them. Examples could be (some that I know of, I’m sure there are more) Alan Walters (Knowlegism), Robert du Charme (R3X), Rolf Krause (Clear Bird, Deep Processing), David St Lawrence (entity handling) Dexter Gelfand (Power Processes applications) and myself too in developing a very fruitful way of handling PTSness. Etc etc…

Why new tech?[edit | edit source]

Here in Denmark, if you go back to the 60’s and 70’s when I was trained mostly, it was very common that ALL PCs coming in had been on some sort of drugs, street drugs, medical drugs, or other euphoric substances and being part of ”7 resistive cases” it had to be handled. I remember that I usually could list 30, 40 or even 50 different specific drugs on a case. Cases are not like that today. Today, a person who takes drugs is considered ”a loser”. Drug R/Ds are seldom used these days and sometimes it’s enough to just rehab the taking of a few medical drugs. As common it was with drugs then, as common it is today that people are into false beingnesses and identities and have a hard time figuring out from where the charge comes. This can be handled very easily with NOTS auditing. It will run 2 – 5 hours, cool off and attention will go to other subjects or the person will say THANKS that’s it, that’s what I wanted to handle, by by… and I might never see them again, or they might go on, get trained etc etc.

Current state[edit | edit source]

It is my observation and experience that there is a lot more handling of actual cases today than earlier. This means handling the case in front of you, not an imagined case somewhere else. Handling cases on a ”Bridge” means that it’s already decided what is the next action, the auditor and the C/S do not really have to observe much, it’s all laid out there, not much thinking needed. This is what I call robot-auditing. A robot can’t think. A free person or able auditor would not feel very comfortable being treated as a robot. Just getting the daily charging up and lubrication is NOT enough. He would sooner or later leave that mechanical work shop and start out all by himself using the tech he knows he can create results with. Being only responsible for himself and his own actions with clients he can have full attention on just THAT and not splitting it off in parts where some of them are around being up-stat, Thursday 2 o’cloc’k, writing nice reports for others to see, ”putting his TRs IN”, dressing like a minister etc etc.. This is a fantastic opportunity, and it does not take a lot of training to have some actions going in the helping business.

Another aspect of the current state is people whom have left the Church of Scientology staying focused on, and focusing attention on how awful it has become there. How terrible it was, so bad they had to leave. I understand this. We all left for similar reasons. The BPC has to be gotten rid of somehow. BUT it is my opinion that there is too much of this unproductive yak yak… I would love to see people who leave write up their condition if they need that, get the BPC off and then get the show back onto the road. They were there for a purpose. Why not get that purpose rekindled and let’s hear the success and the progresses and the new ingenious ways of applying Rons tech in new incredible ways… HAVE FUN !!

EverLove, Per Schiøttz Denmark

NB: I would love to hear from you, and if you have any problem applying what you know or want to do, then give me a buzz and I would gladly lend a hand !!

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