Reformed Church of Scientology or Martin Luther strikes again!

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Reformed Church of Scientology or Martin Luther strikes again!
Topic It is time for the reformation to begin.
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Because I see this Scientolipedia effort as similar to Martin Luther pounding a notice on the door of the local Catholic Church! In essence ML said: YOU, the Pope and clergy, are not the gateway to God nor are you the exclusive LAWYER for Jesus. What happened over the next several hundred years was miraculous given the lack of communication capabilities such as we have today. That opened the door to the Episcopalians, then later, the Presbyterians, Methodists, Baptists, et al., generally Protestants. It was quite an irresistible movement away from the Pope and toward the thing they all sought. That being independence but still a part of something larger then themselves. People want to belong! Thetans like to be with other Thetans playing a bigger game. In our case it is a compelling attraction to seek the insights of LRH free from the corporate church.

I know from my own yearning in the years from 1977 to 2017 that it is a compelling desire to have a personal relationship with Scientology. It is a relationship not governed by the corporate and the misguided, which I rejected in 1977. Rather it is a relationship governed by the sheer joy of connecting with greater levels of awareness and helping others to gain the same. Sure, it takes an organization but effective organizations in 2017 can be human without dramatized aberration. There can be standard tech and compassion. Unreasonableness was the calling card of corporate church and it led to a massive breakdown of real effectiveness due to poor if non-exsistent ARC. I agree with Otto ARC is not just a neat idea and an MU on unreasonableness is not the way home. ARC is the core practice, if nothing else is, and that (according to LRH) leads to effective auditing and since that is true then it must be the core of an effective growing organization! The Tone Scale [[1]] is the ever present measurement of case gain but also of a well functioning organization. However, seeking ever and unreasonably increasing stats became the “god” of the orgs instead of increasing ARC and Tone Scale. In MEST please name a wave form that is not cyclical. We are present in MEST and we don’t occupy a purely Theta universe. For our purposes here on this planet that is reality. So the question comes to my mind: what kind of organization will fit into this “real” world?

“Maria” says “As it stands now, unless Independent Scientology take care to steer clear from any form of diagnosis of physical or mental health and get themselves set up as religious entities, they are not only at risk from the C of S, they are also at risk from regulations governing health care practitioners.” [[2]]

Now to the point and my question/comment: Is it time for the Reformed Church of Scientology to begin? Well, in fact it appears to have started. The First Independent Church of Scientology.

See Here: and Here: and Here:

"My feeling is that it is time that we reverted to one of the original purposes that LRH gave the group – to get Scn out into our communities at the level at which our communities need and want the tools of Scn that can help them with their personal, family, and community issues." I quote Ken Urquhart - What Was Ron Really Like? (You'll have to search Ken since the link won't copy here)

It's time for this page to be more than under construction!

Let ARC rein.

Warm Regards,