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Students doing the Comm Course at the new Riverside Mission

More wins from The Riverside Mission!

We have been open for a few months now and it is very pleasing to see so many wonderful wins and students on course. We now have seven students and they are all having wonderful wins and cognitions every course time.

Here is a win from a student who graduated about two months ago from the communication course (Comm Course).

Ok hello to whoever she is showing this to my name is Jazarus Benjamin Mongiello. I’m 12 years old I’ve finished the comm course and I hope you do too. Charese is my sis she supervised it as you all know she wants me to tell you a win I have done using what I learned from the comm course I’m a boy scout so I have to sell popcorn and to do that I have to communicate to the costumers and unlike all the other kids I got my popcorn pamphlet 2 months too late. So I had 2 weeks the rest of my troop had 3 months. I came in I think 2 or 3 so I’m happy about that and I hope who ever is reading this that you have wins like me and complete the comm course too.

Here is one who just graduated the Communication Course a couple of weeks ago.

What I gained from the course.

The communication course has helped me understand how to communicate to other people. It helped me to confront people and to deal with their originations. This course helps people to communicate with one another and it has helped me as well. What I learned from this course is that in order to deal with people and communicate with them you have to observe and resolve the originations that people have and you have to have confront in order to communicate with other people.

S. W. 15 years old

We started with one student and just got going. Anyone who is looking to start a place please feel free to contact me or to join Scientology Muster on facebook.

I wish everyone continued success and many wins. And I love to hear how great everyone is doing.