Riverside Mission L 10

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Success Story
Name Charese Mongiello
Auditing Success L 10
Website http://www.facebook.com/groups/scientologymuster/

I wanted to post a win from L 10 I had! Well my havingness is up I have a brand new car I am being offered work pretty regularly as a actor and a scripty. But the coolest thing was the other day when I was doing OT TR 0 I was totally there. Totally I couldn't believe it as I have done the TR's many times and it has been at times very painful for me. I mean I have done it for 6 hours straight and thought I had to run the whole time. Well this was not the case for me this time. I was just there and I loved being there! I also noticed that things aren't really throwing me off in life. I am just enjoying being here. My confront is relaxed and I am even more positive about the future. I truly feel I am at the tone serenity of beingness. I also feel like a source point and not like I am being pushed around or I have to be someone else to please other people or not offend them. I like myself a lot and I enjoying being me!

The Riverside Mission